Pie Club


  This Pie Club includes Pie Bar’s traditional 10” sweet pies & sweet slices only.
Pie Club cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers.

What is Pie Club?
Pie Bar’s Pie Club is a monthly club for people who love pie. Being a part of the Pie Club means access to Pie Bar’s pies at a reduced rate on a monthly basis.

What are the Pie Club Perks?
Each Pie Club Membership comes with access to 1) Whole Sweet Pie per month OR 8) Slices of Sweet Pie per month for the set rate of $25 + tax.

Additionally, all Active Pie Club Members* receive a FREE slice of pie on YOUR birthday, OUR birthday (Sept 1st), on Pi(e) Day (March 14th), and on Pie Bar Day (July 25th).

Note: In order to qualify for any perks (including free slices), you must be an active and paid member for the month that the offer is available.

How Does Pie Club Work?
Pie Club offers 3, 6, 9, and 12 consecutive month memberships. These can be purchased online or in stores.

Pie Club is a consecutive month membership, meaning once your membership starts, you cannot pause, change, or edit the months of your membership.

Please note, that in order to receive the additional Pie Club Perks (free slices on birthday, Pie Day, etc.) your membership has to be active* and in good standing during those months.

How to Order Pie Using Your Pie Club Membership:
You can order in-person or over the phone. Orders cannot be received online for Pie Club. 

Pick-up Policy:
Pre-Orders and Walk-Ins are accepted for Pie Club Pies.  All orders can be picked up at Pie Bar's locations in the Marietta Square or Downtown Woodstock. Whole Sweet Pies and Slices can be reserved ahead of time.

Cancellation Policy: 
Once a purchase for a set number of months has been made, no changes, cancellations, or edits can be made.

Forfeited Pies:
Pie Club pies do not “roll-over” or transfer to another month. You have from the 1st of the month until the last calendar date of the month to pick-up your 1) Whole Sweet Pie OR 8) Slices.

Pie Club pick-ups are not available during the week of Thanksgiving.

Frequent Pie-er Card:
Frequent Pie-er Card Stamps are not valid for Pie Club purchases.

Active Pie Club Members* - Members who have paid for Membership during those months.