What's Hot This Summer?

What's Hot This Summer?

By Antonio Hunt

 It's that time of the year when we say goodbye to the cold and a big hello to the heat! Summer is here in Georgia and it is more than welcome, there is something so terrific about feeling the refreshing nature of Summer! Of course, what would summer be without some fun activities to do over the summer? Well, you are in luck, as I have come prepared to deliver some useful info that should make your summer that much better! So kick back and relax, as I tell you all you need for this summer!


A Great Place To Hangout and Mingle!

I can think of no better place to enjoy summer in Downtown Woodstock, than the always lively Reformation Brewery! Reformation is a terrific and fun-loving place that is a great stop for all ages, that really gets you in that summer feeling! Of course with it being a brewery, Reformation has a diverse and terrific selection of drinks that is sure to please anyone who can partake in that! But drinks are not all they have as they have partnered with Queenie's BBQ, which has a delicious menu that anyone of any age can enjoy! They have a massive outdoor seating area, which is great to let your kids run around as well as enjoy that summer air! Reformation has been a go-to spot for anyone who loves to have a good time and relax, we here at Pie Bar have even gone there for Staff Retreats! It goes without saying but if you need a good place for the summer, Reformation Brewery is a great place to be!


A Place To Enjoy The Outdoors!

For me when I think summer, I want to be out and about and enjoy nature. So parks are must stop for me, and thankfully Dupree Park is a wonderful spot for that! Regardless if you are going solo or with family and friends, Dupree Park has got something for you! If you are someone who loves to feel the heat during summer, there are plenty of sports facilities that will get you working up a sweat as you get a great workout. If that is not your speed walking around Dupree is a fantastic time, as there are so many beautiful sights which include a pond that ducks frequent! For families there are two playgrounds for kids to run around and have a great time, all the while there are plenty of spots to set up a gorgeous picnic! (As a side note if you need a sweet treat for that picnic, we got you. *Wink Wink*) As you can see if you need a really nice spot for a walk or a nice day with the family, Dupree Park is a place to check out!


An Event To Make Memories!

If you are in need of a nice and exciting event to cap off your day, then the Woodstock Summer Series is the perfect event for you! What is the Woodstock Summer Series, well let me tell you! The Summer Series is when Downtown Woodstock hosts some truly amazing musical acts at the Northside Hospital-Cherokee Amphitheater, where they rock the night away and entertain all that goes! The great thing is they have a diverse roster of talent they are bringing, which is sure to stratify the music lover in us all! Best of all the concerts are completely free, so you are welcome to just pop in though if you are gonna stay I would recommend bringing some chairs! As you can see if you are looking for a memorable evening, the Woodstock Summer Series is absolutely the event for you!


Man oh man there is plenty to see this summer, and I have barely scratched the surface of all that is going on around Downtown Woodstock! I do hope this helps set you on the path you need for this summer, or if you have something planned I would love to hear all about it! Take care and have a marvelous day!

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