Warm Memories Collection

Warm Memories Collection

Vivian El-Salawy, Pie Bar

There is something simple, yet nostalgic about pie. Part of the reason we do "just pie" is because pie is so much more than the ingredients that go into making it. Pie is something that brings us together -- whether you have warm memories of picking blueberries for a homemade pie or enjoying a slice of Pie Bar Pie with family at every holiday celebration.

I have cultivated endless, beautiful memories around pie -- both at home with my family and throughout the time I've spent here with Pie Bar's team and guests. However, one that I just love to share with our guests is the fun that is Thanksgiving Week for us. 

As some of you may know, Thanksgiving is a crazy, crazy time for us. We begin taking orders and prepping weeks in advance. The week before Thanksgiving, we close down the shop for a couple of days, and go ham (pun intended) -- peeling and sugaring fresh apples and baking pies day in and day out, for the final countdown: Thanksgiving Pie Pick-Ups.

The Tuesday through Thursday of Thanksgiving Week, we do window service, closing down the inside of the shop for our maximum pie storage capacity (Storage Wars hasn't seen anything compared to this). And just like that -- off they go. All of the delicate, hard work put into these pies that will be shared with families for a holiday that brings people together.

And THAT'S my favorite part. The fact that Thanksgiving brings our team together. For that week or so, we are with each other A LOT. That week, we jam our hearts out to some dang good music. We share yummy, homemade meals with each other (although, by the end of the week we are usually too exhausted to cook so those homemade meals become Uncrustables -- the ultimate meal). We share moments, memories, and stories -- and all of that just creates this beautiful magical imprint that I continue to share with new folks each day. 

Thanksgiving is a week that requires a lot of  hard work. But goodness, after I catch up on my sleep that weekend, I get excited about doing it all over again the following year. 

These moments are why we are launching the "Warm Memories Collection".
We want to hear YOUR warm memories surrounding pie, whether it be a memory from years ago, a story passed down from generations, or a beautiful memory right here at our own little shop in Downtown Woodstock. We wanna hear it all! 

We will plan to share some of these amazing memories with our community come 2020, as a way to bring on the New Year and reflect on all of the beautiful things that are embodied in something as simple as a slice of pie. I can't go into too much detail on how they are going to be shared, but I can say we are pretty pumped about it, and I think you will be, too.

We are excited to learn a little more about you and the warm memories you have created around pie. You can share your memories with us here. 

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