The Inspired Pie Series (What is it?!)

The Inspired Pie Series (What is it?!)

by: Lauren Bolden, Owner, Pie Bar

We have a summer series launching in May that I am super excited about!!

When I talk with my team about 2022, I refer to it as "The Year of Fun." The past two years have been wonky (to say the least) and I wanted to find a way to channel our "WE WILL SURVIVE" energy into "LET'S HAVE FUN!" energy.

I take all goals seriously..even if the goal is to have more fun. 

Some FUN things Pie Bar has done so far in 2022 include:
- The Spring Break Pie Collab with Red Hare Brewery. 
(hello, we got to bake with pineapples! So fun.)

- Our team hosted a surprise wedding shower for Pie Bar's General Manager and Fairy Godmother, Vivian.
(P.S. Our fav dark-haired cutie is getting married in only a few shorts days!)

- We donated over $800 worth of pies to local schools and organizations.
(because sharing is caring..and caring is fun.)

But the FUN will not / does not stop there.

*drumroll, please*

On May 1, 2022, we will kick off our 1st ever:
Inspired Pie Series

This idea (like most of my ideas) came to me while I was in the shower. 
I was thinking all businessey when I realized, I don't want to focus on that right now.

I want to focus on collaboration and joy and PIE.

I want to focus on FUN.

I immediately emailed some of my fellow pie shop owners across The United States and pitched my idea to them.

What if Pie Bar baked one of their signature pies for a whole month?

We would introduce their shop to the Pie Bar Fam, and hopefully, expand this pie-loving community even more than we already have.

They all agreed!!

From May - August 2022 we will feature a different pie shop + their signature pie flavor here at Pie Bar! 

Of course, lucky for me I ran this idea by Vivian before reaching out..and that genius brain of hers had the brilliant idea to create an Inspired Pie Series Passport. 

*Round of Applause*

The Inspired Pie Series Passports are small cards that you can get at either Pie Bar Shop. 

Then when you make your first purchase of either a slice or whole pie of the Inspired Pie Flavor of the month, you'll receive one stamp.

At the end of the summer, you'll qualify to receive a special Pie Bar treat as a thank you for participating based on your Inspired Pie Series Passport stamps!

I know you're excited to hear what the flavors and pie shops are going to be for each month.

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