Spring Time Activities

Spring Time Activities

By: Abby A

We all love when spring comes around: the flowers blossoming, the weather warming up, and the smell of honeysuckles here in Georgia definitely takes the cake (or should I say…pie?). We love the spring season, and our spring pie flavors are to die for. But what’s more fun than going outside in the spring? Here’s a few activities to spice up your spring this year (and finish the day off with a trip to Pie Bar after!). 

First things first, who doesn’t love a picnic? Personally, I love making my own charcuterie board and taking it to the park! Noonday Park over in the Kennesaw area (next to the Commissary!) is a great place for a picnic. Get yourself some fancy pepperoni, that expensive cheese you always tell yourself you don’t need, and your favorite crackers! Include some fruit slices and jam (Pie Bar jam, anyone?) and you’re set! You could also include dessert with a spring pie from Pie Bar! Blueberry Crumble is a classic for the spring. Share a pie with your friends or significant other on an adorable picnic this spring!

Next, gardening is always a fun option. Every spring my family weeds the flower boxes, but we never put flowers in them. This year, that will change for sure. Go to any gardening store (or home improvement store), like Home Depot or Lowe’s. Pick out the flowers, or even vegetables, that you want to plant and find some cute garden decor. Get all the gardening supplies you’ll need and go at it! By the end of spring, you’ll have a beautiful garden!

Going on a hike is one of the most relaxing things someone can do. Relaxing and cardio at the same time? Count me in! Sites in Georgia like Amicalola Falls and Kennesaw Mountain are wonderful places to take a hike. Stop and feel the breeze, experience the beautiful weather, and listen to the sounds of nature. Bring a friend along to make it all the more exciting! Walks with a friend are always more fun, right? Or even bring some headphones and listen to the music that gets you pumped up.

Now, if you're like me and have seasonal allergies, there's plenty of things to do inside. For example, open the blinds and bake a little! Maybe make a tart or spring-themed cupcakes. Maybe you can have a fun T.V. show or podcast on in the background.

And...who doesn't love spring cleaning?! *cue groans* I know, I know, it's the worst part about spring. Spruce it up a little bit, though! Play your favorite music and create a plan. Pick up five pieces of clothing, then five pieces of trash, and so on. Maybe even make it a competition with a friend to see who can clean the fastest! See? Cleaning isn't always boring. And, you'll have such a sense of pride when the room(s) are pristine.

There's plenty to do this spring. Stop and smell the flowers! Make plans with your friends and just have a great time!


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