Mauve Tee

Summertime Fashion

Antonio Hunt, Pie Bar

Ah, the summer time - a season built upon the idea of seeing the sights and sounds of the world around you. Now of course a new challenge comes during this season: finding the perfect outfits to stay cool and stylish!

Now for me, one of the toughest parts of the summer is saying goodbye to the warm and cozy wardrobe of Fall and Winter, but in its place comes the comfy,  short-sleeved shirts and shorts that scream summer vibez.

Personally, wearing a simple, but light short sleeve shirt is absolutely a must. What makes these kinds of shirts so nice is that despite the more simplistic nature of them, so much of your personality and what interests you can shine through. From your favorite TV shows to your favorite books, there is no limit to what can be put on! Pluuuuus, if you really really happen to like pie (which, I hope you do if you are reading a blog post on a shop that sells JUST PIE) - we've got you covered if you need some stylish new tees. We released a couple new tees earlier this spring just in time for the warmer months. 

First up is our lovely Mauve tee shirt! This light weight and simple tee is a perfect complement to the summer season. Plus right on the chest of it is our logo so you can show your Pie Bar pride.

Mauve Tee

Of course, I cannot forget our Mustard tee shirt! Having many of the same wonderful qualities as our Mauve tee shirt, from the light weight nature of it to the simple design it is all there for you. Plus if you wear any of our shirts in to the shop, you get a discount off of your purchase! 

Mustard Tee

Now of course in the big debate between shoes or sandals I cannot lie, nine times out of ten I am going for sandals. There is something about sandals that simply scream summer to me, that I can't help but bust them out as often as I can. 

I must say regardless of if you are dressing up to go for a hike of keeping it super casual, definitely get out there and enjoy the warm embrace of summer! If you don't have a destination in mind, head on down to Downtown Woodstock or Downtown Marietta! There are so many amazing sights and sounds to experience, plus you can stop by our shops and get a taste of summer with out newly added flavors like Rustic Peach Crumble and Blueberry Crumble! But either way, grab your favorite summer look and get out there, the world is dying to see you!

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