PieOneer Tour: Part One

PieOneer Tour: Part One

We left Woodstock and Pie Bar on our  PieOneer Tour a little less than one week ago. We packed up a cargo van full of rolling pins, Pie Provisions Pie Crust Mix, and added a little cactus to the dashboard for good luck. We were headed into the desert for two weeks. 🌵🌵

Awkward Family Photo, Anyone?  🤓 

One week into our PieOneer Tour, we have made several stops. Some just to eat pie, others to teach people the craft of making a pie from scratch. Our first teaching stop was in Arlington, Texas, for the Texas Pinners Conference. We set up a booth full of pie goods and hoped that some of the thousands of people that walked by our booth would be in love with pie as much as we are.

It turns out, Texas has quite the pie loving population, because when it came time for our our pie baking classes, we had the privilege of sharing pie tips, tricks, and stories with several hundred people at a time. We met men and women from all over the state, who had come to Pinners in Arlington to learn a little more about pie.

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