Pie Bar Marietta's FIRST Birthday: A Recap

Pie Bar Marietta's FIRST Birthday: A Recap

By Abigail Adams, Pie Bar Marietta

Thursday, August 12th of 2021 was Pie Bar Marietta’s very FIRST birthday! We had many things to celebrate: speeches, giant scissors, and lattes galore!

Our Owners, Lauren and Cody Bolden, spoke passionately about their vision for Pie Bar, where they started, and where we are now. Vivian, our General Manager, also spoke of her experience with Pie Bar and how the growth she has seen both within the team, the organization, and the community as a whole. Marietta's Welcome Center Manager (and former PB Marietta Shop Manager) Abby Smith spoke as well about how Pie Bar made an important impact on her life, and how Pie Bar is a family and a community. Chris Szoch, our business advisor, also contributed to the celebration of our shop's birthday by speaking at the ribbon cutting ceremony. 

A Cobb Chamber Represantative provided us with huge scissors (def the crowd pleaser of the event, as we all stared at them in child-like manner) and ribbon to hold a ceremonial ribbon cutting where anyone and everyone was invited to come watch. Lauren and Cody held up each end of the ribbon as Vivian wielded the scissors and cut straight through it. The ribbon is now kept as a memorial of that day.

Some of our friends from Alma Coffee, a local business partner of ours, visited with us for the day. Matthew Somsen with Alma took the ingredients of our bestseller, Apple Streusel Pie and created a homemade simple syrup out of it. Thus began the lore of the Apple Streusel Pie Latte -- a birthday special we served for a short couple of days because we sold out of syrup so quickly!

It had a taste of cinnamon and brown sugar with a tinge of the sweetness of an apple. It was, quite literally, the best latte I had ever tasted. With Alma’s fresh espresso and the limited edition apple pie syrup, the latte made my taste buds and caffeine-loving brain happy. I ended up ordering an apple streusel pie latte every day until we finally ran out of the syrup. 

After the ribbon cutting, we sold the birthday pie lattes along with serving complimentary itty bitties. We made itty bitties in three flavors: our Blueberry Crumble, Apple Streusel, and Bourbon Chocolate Pecan. Guests were encouraged to box a few bite-sized treats up and take them home with their latte, or enjoy them here, in the store, while chatting with us and other guests. 

The store was definitely decorated appropriately for the occasion, if I do say so myself, because it ain't a birthday party without some birthday decor. Some may find it tacky, but we'll hop on any reason to make our shop extra welcoming with fresh flowers, balloons, and streamers (because who doesn't love a lil extra fun color in their home away from home). On Thursday, August 12th, everyone had a chance to experience true happiness in the ambience of Pie Bar. 

If you missed it -- we hope you can make it for the next one! Our Pie bar Woodstock location will be turning SIX on Wednesday, September 1st, and we'll be celebrating with a Gift Exchange at our Downtown Woodstock location from 11AM to 7PM. 

See you there!

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