Pie Bar Day 2020: A Recap

Pie Bar Day 2020: A Recap

Vivian El-Salawy, Pie Bar

T'was July 24th of 2017 when Mayor Donnie Henriques proclaimed July 25th as "Pie Bar Day" in the City of Woodstock. In the official proclamation, all citizens were urged to join the city by going by the Pie Bar and partaking in a little slice of heaven.

Every year on Pie Bar Day, we do something fun along with our community to celebrate -- either a special flavor of pie or an event at the shop. While we loooove seeing all of your beautiful faces, we didn't feel comfortable throwing a big ole party this year in celebration, as we are practicing our social distancing.

In lieu of hosting an event this year, we instead decided to reflect on what makes Pie Bar...well, Pie Bar. Our four core values are as follows: honest relationships, warm memories, passionate positivity, and community.

Ah, community. The whole reason we would want to celebrate in the first place. Instead of throwing a fun little hoorah, we collected letters of kindness and encouragement from community members just like you, and sent them to a local, Cherokee County Senior Living Community: Merrill Gardens at Woodstock.

Merrill Gardens residents were treated to slices of our Blueberry Crumble and our Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pies, along with some really, incredibly kind letters from our Pie Bar Team, and folks from all around. Peep some of the adorableness from our Instagram Stories, below:


A huge, sincere thank you to everyone who helped spread the word, brought in a kind little note, and ultimately, helped make someone's day. Although Pie Bar Day isn't quite a national holiday (YET!), your kindness carried through and made someone's day just a liiiiiittle bit brighter.

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