People Behind the Pie: Kayla Elder

People Behind the Pie: Kayla Elder

Abby Smith: So, what brought you to Pie Bar?
Kayla Elder:  I used to be a reporter for the Cherokee Tribune and I met Lauren for an interview four years ago when she was opening the store. Since then, we’ve stayed in touch. I had moved to Oklahoma for a while and when I moved back to Georgia, Pie Bar had a position open, so here I am!

AS: Ooh, how was Oklahoma?
KE: The people were nice, the weather was bad.

AS: What do you do when you’re not working?
KE: I own a magazine called She Leads Daily, and I just started a position as a substitute teacher. So I’m basically always working.

AS: Tell us more about your magazine!
KE: It’s a Christian magazine for women of all ages that empowers, encourages and challenges them.
AS: That is so rad.

AS: What is your dream job?
KE: I’ve accomplished that by owning a magazine, so...
AS: Goals. 

AS: What is your favorite pie here at Pie Bar?
KE: Peanut butter cream. Hands down. Every day. 

AS: What is a random fact about you that only few know?
KE: I’ve traveled abroad nine times and I travel internationally every other year.

AS: What’s a place you haven’t been to but really want to travel to?
KE: Japan.

AS: Me too! And your favorite trip?
KE: I went to Paris for my honeymoon and stayed at an AirBnB overlooking the Moulin Rouge.

(Following this statement we went on a major tangent about the 2001 movie musical also called Moulin Rouge, starring Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman).

AS: So what’s your favorite food?
KE: Hawaiian chicken, which is chicken with pineapple and queso. You can get it at most Mexican restaurants, if you’re ever wondering.

AS: Do you have a favorite animal?
KE: I’m between three: otter, meerkat or red panda.
AS: All very cute indeed.

AS:  What’s been your favorite part about working at Pie Bar, so far?
KE: Interacting with our customers, our community and travelers who come from all over just for our pie!

Next time you swing by the shop, come say hey to Kayla!! 

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