People Behind the Pie: Barb Fronk

People Behind the Pie: Barb Fronk

By Gabrielle, Pie Bar Marietta

Gabrielle: What made you apply to work at Pie Bar?
Barb: “ Oh gosh, true story I applied to a year previously and I saw a help wanted sign in the window but I sadly waited a little too long and the position had already been filled. What made me first apply was that pie has always been part of every great celebration within my family and I just came in the shop and loved it. I saw two years later that there was another help wanted sign and I thought heck yeah Imma try again so here I am! This is my favorite business in marietta square!” 

Gabrielle: What’s your favorite pie here?
Barb: “Ooooo that is so hard. I think I have a favorite and then it changes as I taste something new. Um so I would say currently it is the Blueberry Buttermilk because I love blueberries, but prior to that it was the Brown Sugar Chess and it will probably change again as we’ll get new flavors to try!” 

Gabrielle: Do you have a favorite movie?
Barb: “ I have four kids and I cannot pick a favorite, and so picking a favorite movie is the same way: I can not pick a favorite movie, but I can name a favorite. Whenever I need cheering up I go for Miss Congeniality or Legally Blonde. You just can’t be in a bad mood when watching those movies. [Laughs]”

Gabrielle: If you could have any superpower in the world what would it be?
Barb: “Oh gosh I would fly. Oh yeah. I think wings would be fun but it would be great to fly without them. I wouldn’t turn down wings but I think it would be cool without them.”

Gabrielle: Tell me your happiest moment
Barb: “Oh gosh, I have to say the four days that each of my kids were born. I mean I should pick my wedding day because without that my life story wouldn’t unfold, but I have to go with my children. They range from 33, 30, 27, and 23. I love having adult kids, I love seeing how they turn out, and how they are all interesting people. I get to see little pieces of myself and my husband within them. It’s cool, it's how we go on. ” 

Gabrielle: Why did you move to Georgia?
Barb: “Um, I moved to Georgia from Chicago with my husband around 32 years ago and he took a new job here. We were in Chicago for only 16 months and we hated it. We could not live with the cold [ laughs]. We had moved to Chicago from southern California and we were like what have we done, and an opportunity came up in Georgia and we loved it. We came to look for houses and it was immediately home. We have been here to stay. Born in Ohio, moved to California, Chicago, and Georgia.”

Gabrielle: If you were on death row, what would be the last thing you would eat? 
Barb: “What did I do to get on death row???? [laughs} Well this is my last meal oh no. Well through and through I'm a pizza girl, and it would have to be pizza. I would probably want Antico’s Pizza. I love everything about pizza. I would probably go pepperoni, black olives, mushroom, and sausage. I would probably go with wine as a drink option. For dessert you already know it would be the Pie Bar. Probably the Blueberry Buttermilk.” 

Gabrielle: What is something you wish people knew about you? 
Barb: “Well um I'm pretty good at sharing stuff about me, I mean it all usually comes out eventually [ laughs] the stuff I want people to know. I mean if I had to pick one thing for someone that doesn’t know me, it would be for them to know I really care. I really believe in treating people well. Everybody deserves to be treated well.”

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