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Tony's First Christmas Season at Pie Bar!

 By Antonio Hunt, Pie Bar Woodstock

It is that time of the year again, after the beast that is Thanksgiving we go right to the next chapter of our busy season! That being the happiest time of the year, Christmas! This time of year has always been one of my favorites, which was only amplified by the excitement of getting to see it from the perspective of working! Just like with Thanksgiving this would be my first time working during Christmas, which left me both very excited and very curious to see just what was in store for me! Now sit back and relax, as I recount my very first year working Christmas!

Going into Christmas after Thanksgiving had me wondering just how different the two were from one another, I could not tell you how many times I had asked my coworkers who had previous Christmas seasons what it was like. You see I am very much someone whose mind goes wild when new things are sent my way, so having a general idea of what to expect always helped put my mind at ease. I braced myself for whatever came my way, fascinated by the unique nature of Christmas!

I will never forget in the run-up to Christmas getting to chat with all the different customers that came into the shop, hearing their stories of Christmas shopping and incoming family. What made this so fun and exciting were seeing despite the tired looks in their eyes from all the shopping, which I think we all can relate to. The sense of joy and excitement that emanated off of them was always so wonderful. Plus having the backing of so many Christmas jingles blasting in the shop, It was hard not to feel endless amounts of good vibes coming from everyone!

The week of Christmas came faster than I ever could have expected, but I was ready. You see for holidays I love dressing up for whatever the holiday maybe, but Christmas was always special. Each day I worked that week I had a new outfit picked out, from a Christmas elf to a slick Christmas-themed suit I was more than ready for the holiday rush. I remember so vividly all the excited faces of people as they picked up their pies, seeing them eagerly take their pies and wish us all the happiest of holidays! It all honestly felt like a blur as before I knew it, the last customer had arrived and picked up their pie. With that and wishing my coworkers all a happy holiday, the page turned as I experienced my first Christmas working! 

After such a rush of experiencing such a fun time, I could not wait to tell next year to do it all again. As I awoke on Christmas morning and my family gathered around the Christmas tree, I had a burning sense of joy within my heart. For the first time, I got to buy each of my family members presents all on my own, getting to see their happy faces as they opened each one still fills me with so much joy. Getting to experience not only working during the holidays, but the joy of seeing those you love enjoy the presents you bought them, I to this day hold that Christmas as one of the greatest ones yet! I thank you all so much for taking the time to read this and from me and everyone at Pie Bar, Happy Holidays!

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