Local Ideas for Memorial Weekend!

Local Ideas for Memorial Weekend!

By: Abby A, Pie Bar Marietta 

This Memorial Day, thank your local veterans for their service, but have a fun time while doing it! There's many fun activities around North Georgia to spice up your Memorial Day!

One fun option is to head to your nearby park! In Woodstock, there's Noonday Park and JJ Biello, which are both great parks! I grew up going to both of them, so they're super family-friendly. JJ Biello even has a cute "secret" trail that leads to a creek. In Marietta, there's Tumlin Park, which is a great place to take your kids! At all of these parks, you can have a family picnic. Whether your idea of a picnic is a mini charcuterie board (we have great jam for that!), pizza, or sandwiches and chips (and for that, too!), your family will be sure to have a great time! And who says adults can't enjoy the swings? I know I sure do, because I'm truly a child at heart. Aren't we all?

If you live in an area with a pool, throw a small party! Bring some food (hellooooo, we offer pie!) and some fun music and you'll have the perfect pool party! If you can't make it to a pool, Georgia has plenty of lakes to explore! You can even bring your rods and do some fishing! There's a lot of fun things to do in the water. I personally love sitting in a ring tube and hoping somebody doesn't flip me. I also enjoy water gun fights and games of "keep the beach ball in the air and splash water everywhere." Everyone loves a good pool game! And for those who love to roughhouse, there's touchdown with a tennis ball, which I, myself, am not the biggest fan of, but those teenage boys will sure love it! Chillin' in the water sounds like a great way to spend your weekend!

For those cool dads out there, a barbecue is the best way to celebrate! Grill up some hot dogs and burgers, and have a fun time! Maybe even some ribs can spice up the party (and we've got the most PERFECT harvest peach sauce to make it with!). For the kiddos there, you can have a bounce house or a slip'n'slide! Bounce houses, honestly, are for any age, because at the age of 18, I still love them! Slip'n'slides are the perfect activity when you want to cool off! Fun trick, use a splash of baby oil to go faster! But be careful, you could run into a tree (like I did once. Oops.). Another fun activity could be water balloon fights! Throw on a swimsuit and don't be afraid to get wet! And whoever wins could have a prize, like an extra hot dog or a funny duck hat from the dollar store. Either way, the kids will all have fun, and we know the teenagers will be determined to win, even for a silly little prize. It's all about the fun y'all will have together!

Memorial Day is a great way to celebrate the veterans who have given their lives to protect our country. The ideas listed are just some of the many fun things you can do this summer to celebrate those who gave for us. Have a great time this Memorial Day weekend with your family and friends!

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