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How to Pair Coffee with Pie!

Vivian El-Salawy, Pie Bar
Nothing feels more complete than sipping on your fav, local coffee paired with a sweet treat. We always like to serve and enjoy our pie to the fullest, which means enjoying some flavors warmed up with a scoop of local, vanilla ice-cream ("all the way") and others with a cup of coffee.
Our newest retail location in the Marietta Square offers an Espresso Menu, and a question we get often is: how should I pair my coffee with my pie? 
Buttermilk Pie + Hot Latte
Hot Latte
A classic hot latte pairs really nicely with our seasonal buttermilk pie. Throughout the year, we carry a Blueberry Buttermilk (Spring Seasonal), Cinnamon Buttermilk (Fall Seasonal) and Cranberry Buttermilk (Winter Seasonal). All of these flavors have a sweet, vanilla custard base that truly compliments the creaminess of steamed milk in our lattes! 
We recommend enjoying our buttermilk pies cold, which is where the warmth of a hot latte makes it the perf combo. However, if you're not a fan of enjoying pie cold, they can be lightly warmed in the microwave for about 12 - 15 seconds.

Key Lime Pie + Iced Latte
Iced Latte
Our Key Lime Pie is a seasonal fav available in the Spring & Summer months, so it's no wonder that y'all are all about a Key Lime + Iced Latte pairing! A popular pie needs a popular drink by its side. 
Hot, sunny days call for something refreshing, and a citrus/coffee combo is the way to go. Another great citrus alternative is our Lemon Chess Pie, which is available during our Spring months. 
Hands down, the most popular request for an Iced Latte at our Marietta Shop is: Caramel Iced Lattes with Oat Milk. It's a light, but still sweet treat that pairs really well with a sweet and tart pie.  

Apple Streusel Pie "All the Way" + Americano
I mentioned earlier that some flavors are best enjoyed warm with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream (all the way), and by golly if the apple pie isn't the #1 pie to serve this way, I don't know what is. The richness of the vanilla ice-cream balances perfectly with the natural sweetness and tartness of the sugared apples in our best-selling pie. 
And what counters that sweetness better than an Americano? Simply put -- a shot (or two) of espresso with hot water. It's simple, but delicious -- just like apple pie! Enjoying a warm beverage with an ice-cream topping truly is a "melt in your mouth" experience. 
If you're not a big "hot beverage" lover -- try an Iced Americano! It's great for the warmer months, so you can still enjoy your fruit pie all the way and keep it cool.

Bourbon Chocolate Pecan + Cappuccino
9/10 both of these are ordered to try and come off as "fancy pants". You know it, we know, and it's okay. But furreal, what a beautiful combo this is. Our Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie is our second most popular flavor, right after the Apple Streusel. The richness of the chocolate and the gooey pecan filling truly balances itself with the sweetness of the local pecans from Pearson Farm. 
A Cappuccino is really similar to a latte, but think more "foam" and less "milk". That said, the pecans truly compliment the nuttiness of the espresso, making it a pair made it in heaven. Best of all, the Bourbon Chocolate Pecan can be enjoyed either cold, warmed up, or "all the way". Regardless of how you prefer your pecan pie, pairing it with a cappuccino is simply *chefs kiss*. 
There are many more types of pies and coffee beverages that we offer, but these are just a few of our favs! Feel free to chat with our team members about their fav way to enjoy our pie, and we can't wait to hear yours! 
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