Orange Dreamsicle Pie

Father's Day Specials: Orange Dreamsicle Pie & More!!

By Antonio Hunt

It is crazy to think it is that time of the year already when we all give a pat on the back and a big thank you to a very special man. That's right folks, Father's Day is here and we here at Pie Bar cannot be more excited! Now of course I'm sure just like with finding the perfect gift for dad, you are probably wondering what desert to get him. Well, you are in luck, as I have got all the info you need for Father's Day. So sit back and relax as we go piece by piece on all the info you need for Father's Day!

What's On The Menu!?

Ladies and Gentlemen I am beyond excited to announce our special pie for Father's Day is... the Orange Dreamsicle Pie!!! Yes, folks this delicious fan favorite from the Pie Inspired series is back for Father's Day, and folks we could not be more excited to bring it back! For those who didn't get a chance to try it, let me break it down for you! It has a whipped orange and vanilla flavored filling that is topped with whipped cream and orange zest, and it is all inside a delicious vanilla cookie crust! When I say this pie has a beautifully nostalgic I mean it, it hits you with memories of creamsicle popsicles during a hot summer day! This pie is sure to be a smash hit not only with your dad but a great way to bond and relive those fantastic memories altogether! If that doesn't strike your fancy, we also have a full menu of delicious pies that is sure to be a hit as well! If your dad is more of a fan of savory then sweet no worries, we have got a fantastic menu of Take and Bake Savory pies that is sure to hit the spot! Please note the Orange Dreamsicle is right now pre-order only, I highly encourage pre-ordering as early as you can so you can get your hands on this delicious pie!

Need A Good Gift!?

Well, fear not as we have got you covered, as we have got some awesome stuff your dad is sure to like! We have got a lovely white diner mug, which is perfect for the kind of guy who needs a nice cup of coffee to start his day!

On the note of coffee, we have also got whole bean bags of our Pie Bar blend of regular coffee, which is sure to be a fantastic gift for him! Now if you are worried about them coming whole bean do not worry, at either of our stores, we can grind them to whatever grind you need!

On top of that we have got some killer merch I think your dad is gonna love, as we have got an assortment of hats that would be a great way to up your father's swag!

For our hats, we have got a variety of colors from Olive, Slate, and Lilac that complement any outfit! We have in a bit of a more limited quantity we have got a trucker hat style, which I can personally recommend! As you can see if you are in need of a gift, we have got your back!

As you can see, we have got you covered when it comes to all things Father's Day! We here at Pie Bar pride ourselves on making sure that we have got your back for any holidays, and Father's Day is no different! I hope whatever you do with your dad you all have a wonderful day, and we hope you will stop in with us!

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