Cozy Vibes Playlist for Fall

Cozy Vibes Playlist for Fall

By: Lauren Bolden, Owner, Pie Bar

Whenever I am watching a scene in a movie or show, it always seems like the characters *feel* everything just a little bit more than people in real life.

The sad moments are somehow sadder.
The happy moments are filled with more joy.
Even the murders seem to be more murdery. 

Obviously, this happens because of a variety of factors: great writers, creative cinematographers, and talented actors.

Yet, if we mute the television, the impact is not quite as strong. Turn the sound back on, and suddenly it is so much more.

It is about the music. The feelings are in the music.

My Spotify account houses a variety of playlists that I rely on for different moments throughout my day. Classical for morning writing. Lil' Nas for some afternoon bouncing around, and Light Jazz for my evening wind down.

But, I wanted to create a playlist for those times that have the potential to feelcinematic and cozy, but are just not quite there. I wanted to create a literal soundtrack to our lives..should we live in a 90's Rom-Com.

Lauren's Cozy Feelings Playlist

Now, with this playlist, comes great responsibility. It can make everyday moments feel much cozier and like you're one music montage away from living happily ever after.

 You could be peeling an apple one moment, and the very next moment you are on a plane to Seattle to meet a man you heard on the radio. This playlist is that powerful.

No matter what you are doing, this playlist will instantly make you believe that Nora Ephron is the architect of your life and at any time, Tom Hanks will show up and sweep you off of your feet.

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