Using Espresso for DIY Pie-rarium

DIY Pie-rarium with Pie Bar & Alma Coffee

Vivian El-Salawy, Pie Bar

Earth Day is April 22nd, 2021 and we've partnered with Alma Coffee to bring plant parents and coffee lovers the *cutest* D-I-Y Pie-rarium to celebrate! And yes, it does involve making yourself a delicious cup o' joe.

If you missed it, you can access the Shopping List here, and follow along from home!

This activity is a part of a larger scale Pie Bar project: "For the Masses". The "For the Masses" project provides creative ways for community members to connect with one another, whether they live locally or not. Previous events have included an online Bake-Along with Pie Bar's owner, Lauren Bolden, where students made a CranPeary Pie at home. Upcoming events include plans for an online Biscuit Class with a local biscuit maker for National Biscuit Day. 
Terrariums (or in our case, Pie-rariums, because who doesn't love a good "pie" pun?) are a fun and simple way to add a little bit of greenery to your home. Best of all, they are essentially their own little indoor garden systems that take care of themselves, quite literally. Every time you water your terrarium (which should only be every 3 - 6 weeks, depending on the plant you choose to use), the plant and the soil work together to release water vapor. That water vapor collects on the walls of the vessel (in our case, the mason jar or coffee pot that you are using) and trickles down into the soil, to then be re-used again until there is no more left! 
So, what makes our terrarium a Pie-rarium? We partnered with one of our local partners, Alma Coffee, because hot dang do they actually supply quite an amazing organic fertilizer. 
Leticia treated me to a ~delicious~ cup of coffee, and I treated my succulent to the leftover, used coffee grounds. Sounds odd, but these coffee grounds actually added plenty of nitrogen, phosphorous, as well as other micronutrients that are going to help my plant baby flourish. 
Used coffee grounds also add a level of acidity to soil, which is great for plants such as succulents. That said, make sure that they are used, because unused, they may be a bit too acidic for your plant.
Bit by bit, we pieced together a (might I add, adorable) pie-rarium with locally sourced potting mix, used coffee grounds, and some rocks and pebbles from around and about. 
This little guy is sitting on my desk at home, but I cannot wait for you to share with me your Pie-rariums and where they're hangin' out, whether it be in the office, on your kitchen windowsill. Just make sure they're getting plenty of sunlight, and a lil bit of water every 3 - 6 weeks (emphasis on a little bit -- remember, they can take care of themselves). 
Whether you choose to celebrate Earth Day with a fun lil DIY project, a service activity within your community, or by educating yourself or your peers, we hope its a memorable one!
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