"Because I Said So" - Said Every Dad Ever.

"Because I Said So" - Said Every Dad Ever.

By Lauren Bolden, Pie Bar

As the only daughter in a family with a strong father-figure, I never understood why Father’s Day was so special. Why would I celebrate something as silly as my Dad being "Dad"? If you asked childhood Lauren (ages 0-18) what I thought it meant to be a father, I am pretty sure I would have answered as follows:

- He should coach football (i.e. I should get free snacks from the concession stand)

- He should watch me at the beach so I don't get attacked by sharks

- He should let me stay up past my bedtime if something REALLLYYYYY good is on 


- He should pay for all of my meals

- and... he should always be there. Always.

So, now that I am all grown up and incredibly considerate (hehe) I thought it was time to re-evaluate what my Dad is to me and why he is so important! I also thought this would be a good time to interview/put on the spot any and all people I came into contact with while writing this blog post. 

Tell me about your Dad, right meow:

Lauren: "Dads are pretty cool, and I have to say that I think my Dad is the coolest. He loves BBQ (really, who doesn't?!?), he used to have a pretty solid mustache, and his George Costanza impersonation is scary good. He is unknowingly kind and incredibly trustworthy. He should have been a doctor because his handwriting is so bad. He's a "double-threat" because he is both book-smart AND streetz-smart. He taught me to stand up for myself and to always be honest. He recently got a new license plate and it says "pie". He claims it was a coincidence, but I think it its fate. Happy Father's Day, Dad."

We share the love of "sitting and watching things".

Cody: **stares at me**


 They are the strong, silent type...

Hank: "He smells weird and never gives me enough treats."


So there you have it, from the mouth of babes. 

Make sure you thank your Dad this Father's Day, because as it turns out, he doesn't HAVE to do all of the things he does for you, he does them because your Mom makes him. Just kidding - he does them because he cares. So, show Dad that you care by gifting him with his favorite sweet treat -- pie!

To pre-order your Father’s Day pie, send us an email (orderpiebar@gmail.com) or shoot us a text (404-536-5100). If you order by this Thursday, June 18th you get 10% off! We have a special Father's Day Menu (here) and you can pick up your pie on Saturday, June 20th at the Woodstock Farmers Market from 8am - 12pm.

Happy Father's Day, Ya Filthy Animal.

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