You Have Our Gratitude & Our Pie.

You Have Our Gratitude & Our Pie.

We were excited for three reasons: 1. We survived our first day 2. Champagne 3. More Champagne 


We are so incredibly humbled by the amount of support we have received this week from the people of Woodstock. Before we opened the doors on Tuesday morning for the first time, I was worried that no one would come. 10:02am I was worried that we had not made enough pie. We sold out, and we have sold out every day this week. THIS IS AMAZING! 

If you came to our shop this week, thank you. We are so appreciative of your kindness and your business.

If you came to our shop twice this week, you are the coolest and the prettiest!!

If you came to our shop three times this week, please see us after class so we can discuss "recognizing the signs of addiction" with you. It will all be ok. You are not alone with this pie struggle. 

As we move into our second week, we have added another baker (this means MORE PIE!!) and we will continue to work to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your pie experience. We love hearing all of your positive feedback and seeing you enjoy a slice of pie. 

This has been the most exhausting/rewarding/stressful/terrible/amazing week of our lives. Clearly the people in this town love pie. We love you and look forward to seeing yall soon!



Lauren & Cody Bolden

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