We LOOOOVE Our Coffee.

We LOOOOVE Our Coffee.

By: Abby A

Here at Pie Bar Marietta, we have a great variety of flavors for our espresso and coffee drinks! We can serve any of our flavors in a latte, cappuccino, iced latte, americano, or drip coffee!

We're going to start with my favorite flavor: lavender vanilla! Lavender vanilla is perfect in an iced latte! An iced lavender vanilla latte makes for the perfect spring drink. It's perfect for the warm weather we still have. This latte will pair amazingly with a slice of our Toasted Coconut Cream! They're both sweet and have a nice taste of vanilla, so they are the perfect duo!

The next amazing flavor is caramel. Here at Pie Bar, we love a good caramel iced coffee! Coffee mixed with our caramel syrup and plenty of milk, it's such a delight! If you love how sweet caramel is, it'll pair well with our Bourbon Pecan. Having it all the way (warmed up with ice cream!) will bring it to the next level. It's all wonderful put together, especially for the beginning of fall!

Another great addition to your caffeinated drink is pumpkin! A hot pumpkin cappuccino will bring the fuzzy feeling of fall back to Marietta, Georgia! A pumpkin cappuccino will pair great with our Apple Streusel Pie! It has a nice caramel drizzle on top, which adds to the cozy fall feeling. You can have it warmed up with ice cream, too! Perfect for the cozy autumn creeping upon us!

Do you love gingerbread? We sure do! With the holiday season coming up, nothing is as festive as a hot gingerbread latte! Paired perfectly with our Brown Sugar Chess, the mix of salty and sweet, and bold will surely leave you wanting more! The Brown Sugar Chess is a staff fave, so having coffee with it will make the experience so much better!

Marietta's second birthday was this August, so we have some special Birthday Cake flavor left! The flavor is a nice mix of vanilla and almond, almost like a birthday cake! You can put it in an iced latte and it'll be the perfect way to cool off! Pair it with a Peanut Butter Cream slice if you're a sweet tooth! What a way to celebrate a birthday!

The last flavor on our list is a classic! Vanilla goes great with any coffee you get, but I personally love it in a cappuccino! The foam with the sweet flavor of vanilla and the bold coffee is surely a nice, warm treat. Pair it with a slice of Chocolate Chess, and add another touch of vanilla by having it all the way! It's a good mix of warm and chilled to give us the essence of fall!

Just a reminder, we can make all of these drinks with oat milk, for those that have a dairy intolerance! 

Take a peek today at our flavors of both coffee and pie, and stop by for a warm (or chilly!) treat!

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