We Can't Wait for Christmas Week!

We Can't Wait for Christmas Week!

By Abby Adams, Pie Bar Marietta

Happy Holidays! One of my favorite times of year is the holiday season. Whether you celebrate Christmass, Hanukkah, Yule, or other holidays during this winter season, we’ve got a pie for you! This is my first Christmas with Pie Bar and I’m stoked to see what this time of year brings. 

Although I’m not the most excited to hear Christmas music four days a week every week, I adore the vibe it brings to the shop. Our little Christmas tree and hanging cards from the Pie Bar community add the flare that a shop like ours needs for the season. When Santa is in the Square, people pass by wearing ugly Christmas sweaters, or even just Christmas-themed outfits, and it brings me joy to see everyone enjoying themselves. The children scurrying by as they run to see Santa in the Square is certainly an adorable sight.

The interactions I have with each and every customer is what makes my time at Pie Bar so worthwhile. I would love for everyone to tell me their holiday plans, memories, and traditions. I’m ready to hear it all! We have wonderful flavors on our menu this year that are sure to make memories. My personal favorites are Bourbon Pecan and Key Lime, but I highly recommend all the flavors on the menu! We may even have some walk-ins of your fave…

I absolutely cannot wait to wear holiday-themed outfits every day to work. I work four of the five days we have order pickups, and you bet I’m going to be bedazzled in red, green, and gold. If you see a crazy orange-haired person in bright red and green at Marietta, that’ll be me! Don’t be afraid to come up and say hi! I can strike up a conversation about every pie we have in the shop. Need recommendations? I’ve got you covered! I’m gladly here to help!

I’m excited to see all of you Christmas week and can’t wait to talk to all of you!

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