Tricking Your Body Into Thinking It's Fall

Tricking Your Body Into Thinking It's Fall

How to Trick Your Body into Thinking It’s Already Fall

Emily Haynes, Pie Bar

Ahh at long last, September is here and fall is upon us. Except, fall is not upon us, because in Georgia it’s still approximately 1000 degrees all of the time. 

While our northern friends may be starting to embrace the whispers of cooler days and marvel at the turning leaves, down here we have at least another 4 weeks left of summer. Our sweaters stay packed away, our hair stays frizzy.

But just because the thermostat stays firmly in the 70's and above, that doesn’t mean we can’t jump right in with our favorite fall activities to make the most out of the beautiful autumn season. 

So, without further ado, here are some hot tips to trick your body into thinking that fall is already here.

Light a Candle

There’s some science somewhere that says smell is the most powerful of the five senses. Never do I believe that more than when I’ve lit my first fall candle of the year and am instantly transported to a time of apple picking and cookie baking. If it smells like fall, then it’s fall, that’s just how it works. 

Don’t Mow Your Lawn

Hands down the best part of fall (certainly my dad’s favorite part) is not having to deal with lawn maintenance. Every autumn, the grass starts to turn and that lawnmower settles down for its own long winters nap, leaving your Sunday afternoons free once again. To jump-start your own fall experience, just stop mowing your grass! Maybe it will keep growing, maybe it won’t, but that’s not your problem, you’re off the clock. 

Buy Lots of Sweaters

“If you build it, they will come” is generally a phrase applied to baseball stadiums built in the middle of Midwestern cornfields, but did you know it originated from people buying sweaters in the middle of summer*? It’s true**!

This is a philosophy I have long held: if I continue to buy sweaters in the face of an endless summer, then eventually some cosmic switch will flip and sweater weather will have to be upon us. I mean, every year I buy more sweaters, and every year it gets cold eventually. Coincidence? Absolutely not.

Eat Some Tasty Fall Pie

And of course, the best way to celebrate the incoming of fall is with the ultimate fall dessert: pie. The holidays are now right around the corner and what better way to get excited for pumpkins and garlands and gratitude than with a thick slice of pie? 

Stop by our Woodstock or Marietta location to pick up a slice of pie, now including your favorite fall flavors! The best part? All of our fall flavors are great served cold, so you can crank your AC, put on your favorite chunky knit scarf, and dive into the cinnamon bliss, and brown sugar ecstasy of your own personal autumn, regardless of what the weatherman says. 

*This claim has not been verified.
**It probably isn't true.

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