The Inspired Pie Series: August 2022

The Inspired Pie Series: August 2022

Photo: Lisa Ludwinski inside Sister Pie
Photo Credit: SotoSpeakJournal.Org
The Inspired Pie Series will take place at Pie Bar from May 2022 - August 2022. Each month a different pie shop + its signature pie flavor will be featured at Pie Bar. Grab a free Inspired Pie Series Passport at Pie Bar and get a stamp for trying the featured flavor. In September 2022, pending the number of stamps you have, you will get a special treat from Pie Bar. 
You can read more about it here.
Inspired Pie Series August 2022: 
Sister Pie in Detroit, Michigan

Lisa Ludwinski is the owner of Sister Pie in Detroit, Michigan. She started Sister Pie by growing her business one pie at a time. She sold pies out of her parents house and then graduated to a shared commercial kitchen. From there a space on the corner of Parker and Kercheval in Detroit’s West Village caught Lisa’s eye, and over the course of many months she along with family and friends repaired the shop into what is now the Sister Pie Bakery. 

Out of the four shops we featured this summer during The Inspired Pie Series, Lisa is the only owner that I have not met personally. Despite never meeting in person, I feel like I do know her. That is the power of Instagram and Lisa. She and her team of all women bakers showcase the personality of Sister Pie through dance break videos, photos of giant cinnamon rolls, and of course, sharing about their pies.

Sister Pie is known for creating treats highlighting local, Michigan produce. They care deeply about their suppliers, their team members, and their guests. The unique combination of flavors represented at Sister Pie truly showcases Lisa’s personality and passion for baking what inspires her. With flavors like Blueberry Plum Balsamic Pie to a Buttered Corn Scone, if you ever get the chance to visit with Lisa and the team at Sister Pie, I can only imagine how delighted your taste buds will be. 

Lisa published The Sister Pie Cookbook in 2018. When I read her Instagram post announcing the book I immediately sent her a private message congratulating her on the accomplishment. She was kind and gracious, just like she was in all of her videos. She jokelying wrote that she just had to “find the time to write it.” She ended up writing a cookbook that shared about her experience creating Sister Pie along with pie recipes that showcase her distinctive taste. When we began discussing what flavor would best represent Sister Pie in our Inspired Pie Series, the  flavor that stood out to me the most was the Honey Lemon Meringue Pie. 

Our Kitchen Manager, April, tensed when I told her. “Meringue?!” she wailed. She knew the perils of making meringue, especially in large batches and in the Georgia heat. During the weeks leading up to August we poured over the Sister Pie Cookbook, trying to imitate their perfectly whipped meringue and their bright yellow, lemon filling. We knew it would take practice to get this recipe right.

By the beginning of August, our team was whipping meringue and baking off perfect lemon pies based on the Honey Lemon Meringue Pie written by Lisa and her team. All it took was a little practice, patience, and persistence.


The Inspired Pie Series is my way of saying thank you to four amazing pie shop owners that I have had the pleasure of learning from, whether they realized it or not. Pie Bar would not be celebrating 7 years of business if it were not for these people and their pies. 
Thank you, Lisa, and the team of Sister Pie. You have created something incredibly special, and I am so pleased that you are willing to allow me to share something of yours with the people of Pie Bar during the month of August.
Spending time in Detroit soon? 
Make sure to visit Lisa and the entire Sister Pie. Locations + Hours can be found HERE.
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