The Heidi Rew Show

The Heidi Rew Show

Y'all know how much I love to chat about bizzness and pie, so when I got the chance to spend time with Heidi and her awesome assistant, Hunter, I jumped on it!! 

Heidi is all about empowering others (especially us ladies!) and encouraging people to share their stories! She was so fun to spend time with, and it was a bit of a "memory lane" trip for me since we talked about the origins of Pie Bar!

Feel free to listen to the podcast, OORRRR if your eyes get a little jealous of all the fun your ears are having, you can WATCH our interview here (and ps. there is bonus content on the video that you don't get on the podcast!).


Click on any of the links below to access the podcast!! Then make sure you head over to visit Heidi on instagram and tell her how cool you think she is!! YAY!


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