The Christmas Movies You NEED to See.

The Christmas Movies You NEED to See.

By: Lauren Bolden, Owner, Pie Bar

The holiday season is officially here, and that means we not only want to, but we NEED TO watch all of the holiday movies that Netflix has to offer.

I emphasize the "need-to" because if we don't support these films, they will stop making them..and then we will all be upset and a whole genre of art will die.

If you are new to the Holiday Movie game, let me let you in on a little secret.

They stink.

But in the very best way, of course.

They are cheesy and predictable and at the end you should always go "awww!!" while you hide your smile under a cozy blanket and force your dog to snuggle with you so you have someone to hug during the "I love you even though I just met you 72 hours ago," scene.

If you are just getting started, my Top Three Newbie Netflix Holiday Movies are below:

1. Operation Christmas Drop
Boy stationed on island. Girl goes there to straighten things up. They fall in love. Kids on island get presents.

2. The Princess Switch (1, 2 & 3)
A princess and a commoner look alike. They swap places. Hijinks ensue. They fall in love with each other's partners. 

3. Snowbound for Christmas
An HR disaster, but a Christmas movie delight. Boss and employee fall in love in a luxury resort. The villain gets some romance as well..spin-off potential?

If you are a holiday movie veteran, my Top Three Unexpectedly Delightful and Actually Good Holiday Movies are below:

1. My Dad's Christmas Date
Set in England. Mom has passed away so daughter tries to set up Dad, but not for the right reasons. Lots of crying (both in the movie and you most likely will, too.)

2. Holidate
Boy and Girl decide to be one another's friend with benefits but only on holidays. They fight. They make love. They fall in love. It's a delight. 

3. LoveHard
A holiday story with a message, people!! Love is about more than looks and this movie uses "cat-fishing," to teach said lesson. You'll love the family at the center of this movie.

It is imperative that you reschedule all of your responsibilities for this week / call out sick to work and make room for the holiday joy you are about to feel in your cheesy movie loving heart.

Let me know your fav holiday movies..but classics!!

I prefer only groan-worthy, cover-your-eyes-out-of-pure-embarrassment, girl-meets-a-boy-when-she-moves-to-a-small-town-to-save-a-failing-bakery-and-realizes-he-is-also-the-mayor-and-has-more-than-his-heart-to-lose, type movies only, please.

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