"That's What She Said" About Pie

"That's What She Said" About Pie

Annie Blanco, Pie Bar

FALL IS HERE!!! And all I want to do during this time is step on all the crunchy leaves, light every pumpkin scented candle, rewatch  every episode of “The Office” for the 490th time in my warm fall smelling room, and EAT WARM PIEEEE!!!

The other day I did two of those things at the same time, and can I just say..IT DOESN’T GET BETTER THAN THIS FOLKS!!! Watching my favorite show with a slice of my favorite pie.

That’s when I had the thought.. the best thought, truly. WHAT IF MY FAVORITE OFFICE CHARACTERS WERE PIE?!!!

I know, I know what you’re wondering—“What kind of pie would Michael Scott be??” I’ll let you know.

Michael Scott: I’m sure you’re familiar with the phrase “You are what you eat”. Well, this self proclaimed “World’s Best Boss” would obviously be a chicken pot pie. Michael is undeniably engaging, as is the aroma of warm, buttery, fresh-baked chicken pot pie.

Toby: Ahhh Michael’s least favorite human, yet everyone else seems to like him just fine. This overlooked, misunderstood guy would obviously be an ugly pie slice. Just like Toby they’re just as good as everyone else when you get to know him, but just a little misunderstood. Hang in there tob!

Kelly: What a coincidence that my fav character would  be my favorite pie. PEANUT BUTTER CREAM PIEE!!! Just like pb pie, she’s fabulously over the top, like that fluffy whipped topping, but sweet on the inside (don’t get my started  on my love for the sweet creamy filling of this pie).

Creed: The man of the hour. This guy, he is for sure a big ol’ slice of traditional buttermilk pie. He is a classic, always there, very overlooked, but once you notice him he steals the show. Just like tasty, sweet, custardy, did I mention TASTY-- traditional buttermilk.

These are only a few, I could definitely go on and on, but that would take away from office watching, pie-eating, pumpkin smelling time—and I just can’t give that up! Moral of the story, follow my lead. Get you some pie. Watch your favorite show. Treat yo self!

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