Thanksgiving Week Roll Call

Thanksgiving Week Roll Call

Lauren Bolden, Pie Bar

Hello Pie Fam,

Orchestrating Thanksgiving week at a pie shop is very similar to trying on bathing suits…in November. It is tough and stressful and sometimes you find yourself stress eating and crying in a Target dressing room. But enough about last Tuesday. 

I thought the best way for me to ensure that everything flows smoothly the week of Thanksgiving is to give you wayyyyy too much information and hope one of the A’s below answers one of your Q’s. That way, we don’t end up in adjacent dressing rooms questioning all of our decisions up to this point.

So, how is this whole Thanksgiving thing going to work? As a pie shop, our biggest week of the year is Thanksgiving week, of course.  Being a small shop, that means we have to limit what we can offer in order to provide as many pies to as many people as possible. 

The following bits of information pertain to the week of Thanksgiving:  Tuesday, November 22nd – Saturday, November 26th.

1. Let’s Talk Slices and Pot Pies.
There will be no slices or pot pies this week (I know..I hate me too). Whole pies only. We need the storage, oven time, and labor focused on your Thanksgiving orders. 

2. Let’s Talk Hours

Tuesday, November 22nd: 11am – 7pm (whole pies only)
Wednesday, November 23rd: 11am – 7pm (whole pies only)
Thursday, November 24th: 8am – 10am (whole pies only)
Friday & Saturday: CLOSED 

We will be CLOSED.. because we are tired. And I want to watch the Gilmore Girls premier in my pajamas. Yes, that means we are closed on Small Business Saturday, but you can still shop our merchandise and schedule pie orders online ( for when we return on Tuesday, November 29th.

We will be open for whole pie pick-ups only. We recommend you pre-order you pie to ensure that you will get one. If you do not pre-order, you will be risking we sell out of pies. 

If you pre-ordered your pies, please make sure you pick-up your pies during the shift you chose when you ordered (early or late). If you come during the incorrect shift, you are risking your pie not being available/ready for pick-up.

3. Should I Order a Pie or Just Walk-In and Pick One Up?
We strongly encourage you pre-order your pie. The last day you can pre-order a Thanksgiving pie is Friday, November 18th by 9pm.The few extras we will bake for walk-ins will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. No reservations on walk-in pies.

4. How Do I Order My Thanksgiving Pies?
Online (, in store (8720 Main Street), or call-in (678)402-6245.

5. How Long Do I Have Left to Order Pies for Thanksgiving?
The last day you can pre-order a pie is Friday, November 18th by 9pm.

6. How Do I Pay for My Pies? Can I Just Pay for Them When I Order Them?
When you order your pies, we request your email. To spam you? No, to send you an invoice over the world-wide web. All invoices must be paid by 9PM on Saturday, November 19th, or the order will be cancelled.

7. Will You Have Rosemary Chicken Pot Pies & Roasted Veggie Pot Pies Available The Week of Thanksgiving?
No, sadly. We need the storage, oven time, and labor focused on your Thanksgiving orders. 

8. Window service 
With our limited square footage, we need all the space we can get. This means the retail portion of our store will be closed during pie pick-ups on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

We will have two walk-up windows available for you to be assisted by our staff. One window will be for pre-orders and one window will be for walk-ins. Both windows will be labeled clearly, so no worries! 

We are dedicated to working quickly and efficiently so you will be able to get your pies fast and head on your way!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Cody & Lauren Bolden 

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