Take Your Pie To-Go!

Take Your Pie To-Go!

By: Elizabeth Pierson; Pie Bar Marietta

This summer, beat the heat with a pie to go! We know it can be hard to get up and get active when it's 95, so we found some interesting options!

1. Marietta Square

Take your slice on a road trip down the block for an afternoon of fun! In the center of the square is Glover Park. This is the perfect place to sit and enjoy your slice. Take your pick between the grass or the seating that is placed all around the edges of the park. 

2. Outside by Our Little Free Pie-Brary

Outside seating is the perfect option for when you just can't wait to dig in. Take some time to sit and savor the taste of your favorite flavor. A bonus is our little free pie-brary!

3. On a Ghost Tour

Grab a slice and enjoy while getting spooked. Learn of all of the haunted places around the square. Great opportunity to sightsee as well!

4. On a Hike at Cheatham Hill

If the heat lets up for a few hours, go on a hike. If you're not feeling up to the full five-mile hike, bypass the entire thing and just go to the creek. Located right off Whitlock Ave, the creek is a freshwater shaded surprise off of a busy road.

5. Whilst Learning on a Historical Tour

Take yourself on a trip down memory lane. While there is not currently a professional tour, you can always guide yourself! 

6. Exploring at Art Walk

Explore all the art displayed on the mountain to river trail. Local talented artists submit art to be displaced along the trail.

7. Friends Night In

Grab a sampler to go and enjoy some quality time with your buddies. 8 slices for 8 friends!

8. Summertime Cook Out

Grill out and for the finale bring out the pie!

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