Stops 4 & 5: TEXAS

Stops 4 & 5: TEXAS

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and although I cannot say things seemed larger, I can say HOLY HELL THERE ARE SO MANY PIE PLACES HERE. So maybe that is what they mean by 'bigger'. They are talking quantity. If we had wanted to do a trip of just pie places in Texas, we would still be out there.

 So sorry for this terrible photo, but look at this tiny pie from a gas station.
And it was delicious!! You can't even be mad at it.


In an effort to avoid a sugar coma, we only had two stops in Texas: Dallas & Austin. We snuck in a third town (#fixerupper fans) but no pie was consumed on site, so it doesn't count. 


Dallas was a quick stop; less than 24 hours. We ate our breakfast on our way out of town, at Emporium Pies in the Bishop Arts neighborhood. This was one of my favorite shops from the trip. The shop is located in a beautiful old house and get this..has a tenant living above the shop. Can you imagine living above a pie shop? I think that is the answer to world peace.. make everyone live above a pie shop and you just can't have a bad day; it's impossible. 


We ate our pies and drank our coffee and loitered around a bit because it was so darn cozy and we didn't want to leave. If you are ever in Dallas, nay - Texas, make sure you get some pie here, or regret it for the rest of your life.


Post pie breakfast, we hopped in the car, turned up the tunes, and headed for The Magnolia Market in Waco. We did a lil' shopping and helped contribute to Jo & Chip's beach house and then headed out back for food truck city. We consumed biscuits and coffee instead of our traditional meal of pie and coffee.



Back on the road, we had our compass pointed towards Austin. Since the tiny house was such a success, we opted to stay somewhere "unconventional" yet again. 

Tiny house, round two!!


Yes, you are looking at a compact 300 sqft backyard, garage, converted apartment. And yes we stayed in said garage apartment, in a stranger's backyard, with chickens, and an outdoor shower/toilet combo. It was delightful.


Austin was added to our trip because it is the hometown of one of my favorite pie companies -- Tiny Pies. Think whole pies, but tiny. They are adorable and you can eat about 13 of them and not get sick.* It was the tiniest shop of all the shops we visited, but one of the most adorable. 

 No, that's not a baby bird in my cupped palms, it's a Tiny Pie!


Driving around Texas, you notice that people in that state love them some beef and love them some pie because there are cows and pie shops everywhere. I am not going to disagree with their priorities. You could probably spend a solid week driving around Texas eating pie from gas stations, pie shops, and diners and you would still not have seen all the pie in Texas.


Until we meet again, dear Texas friend.


The rest of the trip was thrown out the window, because we had been on the road for 10 days and were quite frankly, sick of each other. Kidding. :) But, we were ready to get home, so we passed on by New Orleans with a wave and only stopped for lottery tickets on the way home.**


I'm feeling nostalgic so I'll probably publish a post-trip blog recounting everything I felt and learned...but don't hold your breath.


*that is not true. You will get sick.

 **we did not win.

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