Stops 1 & 2: Nash-Vegas and Chi-Town

Stops 1 & 2: Nash-Vegas and Chi-Town

Pie-cation's first stop was music’s favorite city, Nashville, Tennessee. We may or may not have put Nashville on the list for selfish reasons (hello, Chris Stapleton concert) but, there is also an adorable pie shop located in the Berry Hill neighborhood as well: 

The Loving Pie Company

We, sadly, were not able to indulge in Chef Suzanne Loving’s amazing pies this time around (closed for New Years dare they!!), but lucky for us, we have been before! Their hot chocolate flights and pecan pie are outstanding.


Please note: I stole this photo from TLPC's facebook.. I don't have such photo skillz.

The Loving Pie Company is a gem and I could not recommend a visit to Suzanne’s sweet little shop more. Should you ever visit Nashville after reading this post and NOT go to TLPC..we can’t be friends anymore.  

Next stop on the pie-cation: Chi-town.

Our goals were lofty for Chicago: 4 shops in 1.5 days. I am pleased to say -- Goal Achieved. Here is the annotated version of the shops we visited so as to not overwhelm you with too much pie-formation:

1. Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits

The most cozy and friendly neighborhood pie shop in the entire world. The staff is beyond kind and the food is insane. As shame worthy as it is, the best biscuit I have ever had was here..and not in the south. They have been open for 4 years now, and I hate everyone who has had the opportunity to become a regular here (jealous isn't becoming of me.. I know).


Bang Bang's owner, Michael, was the best host a couple of pie-fanatics could ask for. We had five slices of pie, and I am being totally honest here -- I loved Bang Bang has always been my pie shop crush, and now it may have elevated to an inappropriate level. Sorry I'm not sorry.

2. Spinning J Bakery & Soda Fountain Shop

Spinning J is a few blocks away from Bang Bang, but somehow it manages to feel like a completely different world. When you walk into Spinng J, you're suddenly transported back in time when soda jerks and sock hops were the norm. It is more adorable than the word adorable can describe. 


Owned by recently married couple, Dinah & Parker (I know, the cuteness is too much), it was really cool for Cody and I to see another married couple working together towards a common goal. Following 5 slices of pie at Bang Bang, I could only muster up enough room for one slice, but #noregrets because it was amazing. I don't even know what the heck a hibiscus is, but it made the key lime pie all pink and pretty and I was not mad about it. 

3. First Slice Cafe


As if serving pie wasn't good enough on its own, First Slice makes us all feel bad about ourselves by being so damn charitable. They donate approximately 600 meals per week to those in need in addition to running THREE shops! Disgusting, I know. Since we visited First Slice directly after Bang Bang and Spinning J, we opted for a lighter version of pie-- quiche and a mini cherry hand pie. You can never go wrong a little bit of egg, little bit of cheese, and little bit of bacon.

4. Hoosier Mama Pie Company


I have had fantasies of visiting Hoosier Mama since I first purchased their pie cookbook. An entire cookbook dedicated to pie..I mean, come on. I read through the pages and fell in love. When we decided to add Chicago to the pie-cation list, I new that HMPC had to be on the list. It is a tiny shop (just like ours!) and is where I'm pretty sure the phrase "cute as a button" was curated. Since it was on our way out of the city, I was able to go in and order a few slices to-go. So, as the city skyline faded in our rearview mirror, we set our sights on the road and the next pie shop.


We breezed through Iowa and decided to not stop in Nebraska (sorry, Omaha) because our excitement to get to Denver was JUST TOO MUCH. So I am writing from Denver now, in a tiny house (you read that right) and getting ready to go to a brewery because we are just too damn hipster for our own good. 


Up Next: Denver & Dallas.

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