Stop 3: Denver and a Tiny House.

Stop 3: Denver and a Tiny House.

Hello, Tiny House!! I'm dying over your cuteness!!


And the road trip continues.

We had our sights set on the Rockies and sweet slices of pie. Rather than stay in a hotel, we decided to stay in a tiny someone's the top of a mountain. As someone who has always loved the idea of "the simple life," (the lifestyle..not the show) the tiny house movement has great appeal to me. Cody, Hank, and I confined to 200 sqft...what could be better?!?!

After two nights of witnessing Cody climb the tiny stairs and sit at the tiny table.. I knew that THIS IS THE LIFE FOR US. So please, next time you are in the shop, let Cody know you are excited to hear about our recent decision to "go tiny". ;) 

Big guy in a tiny house. 


Being in Colorado, we had to do as the Coloradians do, and go skiing! Four hours and many bruised bones later, we knew the only way to replenish our strength was pie. After a slice of pie for each of us at Granny Scott's Pie Shop & a wave to Granny in the back, we were off for more adventures. 

 Old School Peanut Butter Pie.


Besides flinging ourselves off of mountains, another important part of this trip has been connecting with other pie-prenuers. We love meeting people that have the same passion as we do, pie. While in Denver, we met with the lovely owner of The Long I Pie Shop, Shauna. Shauna is as cute as a button, and her pie is GORGEOUS!!!  She is currently in the process of opening her first retail location, and we could not be more excited for her! If you are ever in Denver, YOU MUST GO SEE HER. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. 

Shut up, pie. We know you're beautiful.


Our trip to Denver has sadly come to and end, and we are headed towards the land of "everything's bigger". Texas, here we come. 

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