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Spots to Grab a Great Biscuit & Coffee!

By Antonio Hunt, Pie Bar Woodstock (With Suggestions By Pie Bar Fans)

We here at Pie Bar all enjoy a good cup of coffee, we enjoy a really good biscuit as well. But sometimes it can feel hard to find some truly great spots, thankfully we have to wonder no longer! Some of our Pie Bar fans sent in some of their favorite spots, which we wanted to share with all of you! We would love to thank everyone who submitted a location, but without further ado here are some great shops for the Biscuit and Coffee lover in us all!

Maple Street Biscuit Company - Towne Lake
Suggested by Kendra. B

If you're looking for a down-to-earth and more rustic air to it, you cannot go wrong with Maple Street Biscuit Company! They have some truly fantastic, flaky biscuits that have my mouth watering just thinking about them!

 Cafe 44 at Lake Oconee
Suggested By Heather. A

Cafe 44 is the perfect location if you are looking for an out-of-this-world breakfast or lunch. especially if you are a coffee lover! From a wide-ranging menu that has regular old coffee to some top-notch espresso pairing it with one of their sandwiches or biscuits is simply amazing!

Stilesboro Biscuits
Suggested By Kaeley. G

It's the size of a shack, with old picnic tables and plastic tablecloths covering the tables inside.

They're only open 2-3 days a week for a few hours, and you can only tell they're open when the American Flag is hanging off the side of the building. They have biscuits that are the size of your head, and so fluffy. They also have mini Cokes in a bottle. Of course, you can see directly into the kitchen and the entire place smells like home. Not to mention all the photographs of regulars and family members covering the walls.

10/10 you must try this Lil spot. It'll knock your socks off!

This is a direct quote from Kaeley!

Suggested By Clanor

When it comes to Martin's, fresh tastes best! They have handmade, delicious biscuits that are sure to satisfy the biscuit lover in us all! Plus with an expansive menu, Martin's Restaurant is a one-stop shop filled to the brim with all kinds of items for anyone and everyone!


As you can see we have a diverse, and expansive set of places that are sure to knock you off you're feet! What is so awesome is these suggestions came straight from the lovely folks from our emailing list, here's hoping we get to do posts like this more often! All in all, you owe it to yourself to give these places a try, after all, you have more than earned it!

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