Shouting for Shepherd's Pie!

Shouting for Shepherd's Pie!

By Madison Jones, Pie Bar Woodstock

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the smell of a freshly baked Pie Bar 'Take and Bake' savory pie is so delightful! Wait, what? You mean you don't have a Pie Bar 'Take and Bake' savory pie in your oven right now!? This just can't be! You need to drop everything and go get yourself one! Well, not right this second. First, you should finish reading this totally awesome blog post, and then go stock your freezer full of delicious savory pies!

We've talked on here about our fan favorite pot pies and scrumptious quiches, but today is the day for another very special savory to take center stage, our Shepherd's Pie. 

Now, before we dive any further into this mouthwatering mix of meats, veggies, and more, I think it's about time we addressed the elephant in the room. Our shepherd's pie (pause for dramatic affect) is not actually a shepherd's pie! (Cue shocked gasps, screams of betrayal, and one or two dramatic faints). Okay, maybe that was a little over the top, but the fact is true. Our delectable dish is actually what you would call a cottage pie. But what does this mean? What's the difference? Why would we lie to you, our most devoted and generous patrons? No need to fret or fear, for I have come with answers to all your most burning questions. 

First, a little history lesson for you. The cottage pie, and it's younger sibling, the shepherd's pie, came about in the 18th century in the United Kingdom and Ireland. They were created from the leftover meats and vegetables of the previous week's meals, almost like an early version of Ross Geller's Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich for any of you "Friends" fanatics.  The main difference between the two was their choice of protein. The cottage pie was most commonly made with beef, while the shepherd's pie used lamb. You know, cause shepherds tend to sheep? So how does this apply to our shepherd's pie? Well my dear reader, the answer is right in front of you! While we use many of the same ingredients, our "shepherd's pie" contains ground beef, not lamb. 

Shepherd's Pie, however, is a much more common term for the dish in the States. But, you know what, you could say that this little fact makes our shepherd's pie unlike any other you could have anywhere in the world! Just makes ours even more special and unique. (*Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge*)

Okay, now I know you're all like "Get on with it! Stop rambling on about the silly names!", and I hear you dear readers. I really do. So now what you've all been waiting for, me to actually talk about our Shepherd's Pie.

Served in a sleek, rectangular, aluminum tin, our shepherd's pie is packed with a hearty mixture of ground beef, carrots, peas, celery, diced tomatoes and onions, topped with whipped mashed potatoes and a sprinkling of cheddar cheese. This pie feeds 4-6 people and is great for a cozy cold night in, for sharing with friends or family, or for fooling your soon-to-be in-laws into thinking you're secretly a 5-Star Michelin Chef! Okay, that last one may be a bit of a stretch, but that doesn't make this pie any less delicious! Our shepherd's pie is a perfect example of all the things we value the most here at Pie Bar, cozy spaces, tasty pies, and warm memories. 

So, what are you doing for dinner tonight? 

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