PieOneer Tour: Part Two

PieOneer Tour: Part Two

If you indulged in PieOneer Tour: Part One then you know we left off at The Grand Canyon. We had a few days until we needed to be at our next teaching destination, so we opted to veer slightly off course and park our cargo van at The Grand Canyon National Park. Besides all the pie chatter, this was probably the coolest part of our trip. 

Can we talk about how I look like a 47-year-old Girl Scout Troop Leader and how Cody looks like a touring rock-star?

However, we couldn't stay at The Grand Canyon forever (or could we...), so we had to hit the road again, and head towards Phoenix, Arizona. While in Phoenix, we had to stop and give some pie love to some fellow pie makers, at Pie Snob. After stuffing us full of pie, we were ready to set up our booth, and engage with the crowds at The Pinners Conference: Scottsdale.

The folks of Scottsdale, Arizona are plagued with (almost) year-around heat, BUT we were still able to find some pie bakers among the crowds! We rolled, crimped, zested, and stirred until everyone was psyched to go home and bake! We loved spending time in Arizona, even if we are terrified of the desert. 

I don't know what to do with my hands...

We loaded up in the van, yet again, and headed back East towards home-sweet-home. #PieOneerTour has come to an end, but the memories will sustain us until we can yet again pack-up and hit the road. Make sure you stop by the shop to chat about our trip and grab a slice of pie as your reward!

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