Pie Provisions Pie Fillings

Pie Provisions Pie Fillings

By Susanna, Pie Bar Marietta

Have you ever wanted to make your pie at home? (And maybe even skip a few steps) We got you!

Our kitchen staff that makes all of our delicious fresh pies for our shops also makes pie fillings for our retail line, Pie Provisions. We offer three flavors including Georgia Blueberry, Ginger Peach, and Bourbon Pecan. These fillings can be purchased in-shop or online. We can even ship them if you want to share the joy of pie with family or friends who live out of state. Our fillings are perfect gifts and make for a fun hands-on activity with a friend or family member! 

All of our filling flavors are made with the same care and the same locally-sourced ingredients as our sweet pies. Our Georgia Blueberry filling is made using organic blueberries from Byne's Blueberry farm in Waynesboro, GA. One of our very first partners, Byne's Blueberry farm supplies us with blueberries for our Blueberry Crumble pie as well. This deliciously sweet and tart filling won the Flavor of Georgia Award in 2019 and has always been a favorite of our fillings. While this makes the perfect filling for a Blueberry pie or cobbler, all of our fillings taste wonderful on top of vanilla ice cream! You can also get creative and make a Blueberry Biscuit Cobbler, we even have a recipe for it on our Pie Provisions website

Our Ginger Peach filling is my personal favorite! That's probably because one of my all-time favorite pie flavors is our Rustic Peach Crumble, which we only serve in the summer when we can get local fresh peaches from Dickey Peach Farm in Musella, Ga. We use the same peaches in our filling so if you're like me and miss our Peach Crumble when it's not in season you can get that same flavor all year round with this filling. Top some vanilla ice cream with this filling and sprinkle brown sugar over it and it will taste just like you're having a slice of our Rustic Peach Crumble with ice cream! If you want to try something a little different try our Ginger Peach Crisp recipe on our Pie Provisions website. 

Our third flavor is Bourbon Pecan! Made with pecans from Pearson Farms in Fort Valley, GA, this filling has the same great flavor as our Bourbon Pecan pie. All you'll need to make your own at home is eggs and butter! Make your Bourbon Pecan pie at home with our Pie Provisions pie crust mix or a frozen ready-to-bake pie crust available at our shops. Like all our fillings, it of course tastes great on top of vanilla ice cream. If you have any sensitivities or allergies to gluten you can always use this filling or any of our fillings and put it in your gluten-free crust!

If you're feeling inspired to get baking in your kitchen, head over to our Pie Provisions website to browse these filling flavors and all our recipes! We can't wait to hear about your baking adventures!


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