Pie For Breakfast

Pie For Breakfast

(Pictured: A pecan pie made by Eliza's mom!)


Hi everyone! I’m Eliza and I’m a recent hire here at Pie Bar! When I heard Pie Bar was hiring, I knew it was the job for me as pie has always been a big part of my life. In my house a few times a year, we have what we call Pie day. Not Pi day like March 14th, not Thanksgiving or Christmas, but specific days dedicated to pie.

You can tell it’s a pie day in my house because my mother will be in the kitchen early in the morning cutting butter into flour, chopping apples or pitting cherries, rolling out dough. The pie will be in the oven before I even get out of bed, the smell of cinnamon and syrupy fruit wafting through the air. In the afternoon the whole family comes over to enjoy the pie that my mom has made and, of course, some vanilla ice cream. Gathering over pie in the afternoon when we are usually going about our personal activities is such a great way to spend some quality time with each other.

Now, the important part. As the maker of the pie, my mom gets a special privilege when it comes to pie day. There is always a slice left after our family gathering, which means she gets to enjoy it the next morning for breakfast. This is her reward for the hard work she put in the previous day.

 Now that I’m working at Pie Bar, I often have pie around the apartment. After a long night of studying one night, I decided to steal the idea from my mom and treat myself to a pie breakfast the next morning. I think having pie for breakfast is something we should all do more often. Next time you work a lot or have a rough day, try treating yourself to a nice slice of pie. We hope to see you soon!

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