Pie-cation 2017: Seattle, Washington

Pie-cation 2017: Seattle, Washington

Lauren Bolden, Pie Bar

Pie-cation 2017 began and ended in Seattle, Washington. We flew in to Seattle on New Year’s Day, walked around a bit (The Space Needle! Pike Place Market! The Giant Popsicle!) and ended the evening at a swanky place called Dahlias Lounge (and bakery). You know it’s gonna be fancy when they have the tiny little lamps on each table. What decadence. We ate dinner. It was delicious…but really, we were there for the pie..Triple Coconut Cream to be exact. It was DELICIOUS. One of my favorite Coconut Cream pies..ever. Coconut milk, raw coconut, toasted coconut..I loved it all. So much so, that the next morning before we left Seattle we visited the bakery that is attached to the restaurant. Yall think Pie Bar is a tight squeeze?? Well…you ain’t seen nothing yet. It is so tiny that seeing Cody inside the shop reminded me of that time we stayed in a tiny house. It was amazing. I loved it and wanted to move in immediately.  

We left Seattle and pointed our car towards Whitefish, Montana (you can read about that here!). After a few days of playing mountain men, we skipped on over to Portland, Oregon. We ate so much pie we briefly considered never eating pie again..but then we recovered and realized how ridiculous that sounded (you can read about that here!). Eight days later and we were back in Seattle, baby!

First priority when we re-entered W-Vegas, was to ferry on over to Whidbey Island. There is a pie shop on the island, and I am nothing if not a daydreamer who fantasizes about things like islands and pie shops and all the coziness (too much Nicholas Sparks.. I know..). Whidbey Pies Cafe did not disappoint. The shop was as charming as I imagined, and the pie was delicious. We had an opportunity to spend some time with the owner, Joe and his Mother, Jan (the original owner and founder!), and you would have thought they were from the south. Their hospitality was unmatched and made me love their shop even more.

  Loganberry Pie: A cross between a blackberry and a red raspberry. The color had me sold!

 Quiche, because we now have an obsession..

Following a day wandering the island, we made our way back to the mainland. One more shop was in our sights and our flight was set to leave the following afternoon. We woke up early with pie on our minds, determined to make it to our final pie stop – A La Mode Pies. By this point in the trip, we had our ordering down to a science. Quiche for each of us and a slice of pie. The quiche had red peppers and was real, real good. I now share Cody’s quiche obsession. The eggs, the veggies, the pie crust – they all blend so well together. We opted for a slice of pear apple ginger pie. Usually I am not a huge ginger fan, so I was a bit skeptical. But, I had dragged (drug??) Cody all around the North West and he wanted the Pear Apple Ginger, so the least I could do was grant him his one request. Lucky for me, my goodwill did not go unnoticed, because it was delicious! Not too much ginger to overpower the fruit, but enough to make you realize you are eating something special.  

 Pear Apple Ginger Pie  

You guessed it...another quiche.

We finished our pies, and headed to the airport. Another Pie-Cation down and we are already brainstorming for where to head next year. If you have any suggestions, we'd love to hear them!!

 I thought I would end this post on a beautiful photo -- Whidbey Island, I love you.



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