Pie Bar's Spooky Soiree | For the Masses

Pie Bar's Spooky Soiree | For the Masses

Vivian El-Salawy, Pie Bar

30 Days of Kindness this past June showed us just how excited our community is to get involved in our town and engage with one another.

From adding our Little Free Pie-Brary to writing a handwritten letter to a friend, our neighbors showed up to participate and connect with others!

We loved how the 30 Days of Kindness project introduced us to new people and allowed us to serve our community in a different and fun way. Some were through service oriented activities while others were just meant for fun.

We loved it so much, that we want to continue the tradition by hosting something special each month, which is why we started our "For the Masses" Project.

Our goal is to continue to deepen our roots within in the City of Woodstock and Cherokee County and I cannot wait to start this journey with YOU!


Pie Bar Presents the October "For the Masses" Event:

Mark Your Calendars: 
On Thursday, October 31st (and sneakily on Friday, November 1st for Downtown Woodstock's Friday Night Live Block Party) we will be serving the drink that had people lined down the block..

Butterbeer Floats!! -- Cream Soda Base, Butter Flavoring, Butterscotch Syrup, and a Scoop of Flux Ice Cream's Vanilla Ice Cream.

Of course, what's Halloween without candy AND a spooky, crafty activity. We'll have rock painting going on throughout the day, so be sure to swing by and paint some miniature black cat, ghost, and pumpkin rocks!!

We'll be open on Halloween (Thurs, Oct 31st) from 11AM-7PM and will be celebrating with our spooky festivities all day long!

We'll continue the fun on Friday from 5PM-9PM!! 

Come dressed in Costume and receive 10% off your Butterbeer Float purchase!

I will say...I set the standards high last year dressing up as Cody's identical twin (although, I just couldn't nail that Southern accent). 

Come check out what I'll be dressed as this year. Come show me what you'll be dressed up as. Come paint some rocks. Come hang out with us and drink the Nectar of the Wizarding World. 

We shall see you then...mwaha..haa..ha.

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