Pie Bar's 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Pie Bar's 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

We love the Holidays for the same reasons that we love all things baking and pie. For us, it's the warm memories. Our team was chatting about their favorite things about the holiday season, and what resonated with me was how each and every one of them talked about a nostalgic memory that they had -- with a special family recipe, or a silly toy that brought them even the teeniest bit of joy when they were little, or that one time their dad pretended to be Santa (silly dad, let Santa do the work) but ended up accidentally getting locked outside in the snow. 

We hope that this year, you're able to find something just as special to share with your loved ones: new memories to be built, new recipes to be tested, and laughs that'll have you hurdled over and slappin' your knees.

Peep the 2020 Pie Bar
Holiday Gift Guide:

1. 5 Steps to Flaky Pie Crust

From baking a pie or two at home to baking thousands of pies in a commercial kitchen, Lauren has seen the good, the bad, and cried into more overworked pie dough than she would like to admit.

Through Pie Provisions, Lauren has had the opportunity to teach pie baking classes across the United States, on television, online, and in private classes.
Now, she's combining it all into 5 simple steps so you can make Pie Bar's Super Flaky Pie Crust any time your pie-loving heart desires.


2. Pie Provisions Pie Inspired Jams

Our Pie Inspired Jams are the bomb.com because not only do they know how to jaaaam (ugh, I could go on and on with jam-related puns), but they taste like fruit pie filling, with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and lemon juice! We love to work with our local partners, so when you enjoy our blueberry jam, you're also enjoying blueberries from Byne's Blueberry Farms
These jams go great on biscuits, toasts, and even in cocktails 
(I told you they know how to jam).

Flavors available: Strawberry Pie Jam, Peach Pie Jam, Blueberry Pie Jam

3. Pie Bar Mugs

 We have two styles of mugs available this holiday season! Our diner-style mug (left) has classic, curved sides, thick walls, and a smaller handle. Our camp-style mug (right) is actually a ceramic mug, but in the style of a classic, camp mug. Best of all, our Pie Bar mugs come with a complimentary cup o' Joe to be enjoyed on the spot, or you can save it as a coupon for a rainy day. 


4. Cozy Space Candle

Keep your space in constant coziness with our hand poured, scented soy candle. Cozy Space smells like pumpkin pie with cinnamon notes, so whether or not you're baking your own pies for this holiday season, you can count on it to fill your home with some of your fav, holiday scents.

We can't wait to see what lovely gifts you surprise your loved ones with, this year! 


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