Pie Bar 6th Birthday

Pie Bar Woodstock Celebrates 6 Years on September 1st

By Antonio Hunt, Pie Bar Woodstock

That's right folks you read that title correctly, this September 1st marks Pie Bar Woodstock's 6th Anniversary! For six amazing years, we have been here, happily serving pie for the masses all that time! Now we have been thinking long and hard, just what should we do to celebrate such a big milestone? Well, my dear reader. I think we may have found just the right thing, that will bring a smile to everyone's faces!

The Woodstock 6th Birthday Gift Swap!

That is right folks, we want to celebrate right alongside you! We thought it would be fun for all of us to get together and share the celebration with each other! So you may be asking, how does it work? Well my friend, allow me to tell you! All you have to do is bring a wrapped gift ($10 dollars or under) to our Woodstock shop, and take home any other wrapped gifts out of the selection at our Woodstock shop! What's great is gifts can be categorized for "kids" or "adults" To make sure that they find their way to the perfect fit! We felt this was a way not only to give back to all of you but to share the perks of a birthday celebration! 

Some other good news is we will be open our regular hours, from 11 am to 7 pm we will be here and ready to see all of you! We are gonna have lots of whole pies as well as slices to celebrate this joyous day, so bring some friends and family for the ride! We would love for you all to come and share in the excitement, after all, who doesn't love pie for celebrations? To top it all off you do not need to RSVP, so stop on by whenever you can!

From the start we wanted this year to be a way to say, thank you. From the bottom of all our hearts we are beyond grateful to each and every one of you, as it is with your support we have had the joy and pleasure of being here for six years. We felt the gift swap would be a fun way for us to share in the excitement with all of you, so we hope that you will stop by! From everyone here at Pie Bar thank you all for your continued support, and we look forward to many more years of service! 

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