Pie Bar: The Well-Kept Secret of Downtown Woodstock

Pie Bar: The Well-Kept Secret of Downtown Woodstock

Alexa De Jesus, Culinary 

About the Owners

In the midst of the ever-growing Downtown Woodstock is a small shop that will steal your heart. What makes this spot unique is that the owners, Lauren and Cody Bolden, only sell pies. That’s right–you heard me! Pie Bar is your one stop shop for pies made from scratch with only the highest quality ingredients.

Lauren and Cody both grew up in the small, rural town of Waynesboro, Ga. They met, got married and eventually moved to Woodstock where they decided to open Pie Bar. Lauren had always enjoyed baking, but she never baked anything other than pies. She said she has probably never baked a cookie in her life! That’s probably why their shop focuses solely on selling pies and why their pies are to die for.

About the Shop

Lauren talked about how her grandma taught her how to make apple pie, which is her favorite pie to make, and she became obsessed with learning how to make her own pie crust. She started coming up with her own pie recipes, which brought her to all the wonderful kinds of pies she sells in her shop.

If Pie Bar isn’t the only pie shop you’ve ever been to, it’ll definitely be the coziest! With its comfy couch and colorful pillows, Pie Bar draws in folks who just want to sit back, relax and eat something delicious. You can also get a cup of coffee while checking out local events in and sometimes even live music. It’s definitely the perfect place for a gathering with friends, family and even a date night!

All their pies are made fresh, and when they run out, they’re out! You can get your favorite pie year round, but they only use the freshest of ingredients. For example, if your favorite pie is apple pie, you can only get it during apple season because they get their apples fresh from an orchard in Ellijay. Yum!

Lauren describes her love for pies as a “labor of love”. It truly takes a lot more times than you think to make the perfect pie, and the bakers at Pie Bar have it down to a science. I had the most wonderful time at Pie Bar talking to Lauren and Cody, and I can’t wait to go back and get some more pie!


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