Pie Bar Test Kitchen

Pie Bar Test Kitchen

Kendall Alsup

One of the beauties of pie is the variety of different flavor creations that are possible. From fruits, custards, and creams to pot pies and quiches, there really are pies for everyone. 

Key Lime has been a favorite since we "revamped" our recipe to make it zestier & now make our own graham crackers!

At Pie Bar, we are constantly trying to find new and exciting flavors to make alongside our tried-and-true favorites. Our current list of flavors to try includes Caramel Cream, Sweet Tea Custard, PB&J Crumble, and Cinnamon Roll. However, a new pie must pass many tests before it gets put on the menu. Can we reasonably source the ingredients? (Even better: Can we do it locally?) Can we produce beautiful pies efficiently? And most importantly - will our customers love the taste? Only after checking off these three things will a pie ever make it out of the kitchen.

I swear we're not crazy..but sometimes you just gotta know the exact dimensions of a cube of butter. 

We work hard to perfect our recipes once we decide to keep them around. Most recently, we changed our S'mores Pie from a chocolate ganache to a chocolate chess filling after many different variations. The constant pie experimentation is one of the best things about our job because it means we get to taste test lots and lots of pies! 

Just another day on the job...( sigh..)

 If you think that you have a winning pie flavor idea, feel free to let us know by stopping in or reaching out over social media! We would love to hear from you! Of course, it has to be Cody approved. 
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