Peanut butter Pie for Pie Bar Day

Pie Bar Day - Keeping It Local

 By Antonio Hunt, Pie Bar

Our Pie Bar team members are gearing up for a very special day. On the 25th of July, here in Downtown Woodstock is none other than...Pie Bar Day!

It was on July 25th of 2017 that the mayor, Donnie Henriques made an official proclamation to the masses! For anyone and everyone to come on down and experience what we have to offer, that being the diverse and delicious slices of pie! Now on Pie Bar Day we always like to take a look at what we really take pride in, and this year I can think of nothing more fitting than our neighboring, local businesses who we have the pleasure of working alongside day in and day out. 

We love serving our neighbors, and getting to share this sense of community with them, both with our team and our guests. I would like to highlight just a few of the amazing partners that we work with!

Pearson Farm

This amazing farm has been bringing some of the best pecans around for 5 generations, working long and hard since 1885! Since the very start of Pie Bar, we have been working hand and hand with Pearson Farm, using their amazing pecans not only for our Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie but our Pie Provisions products as well! To say that Pearson Farm is a group we are happy to consider a part of the Pie Bar family is a huge understatement!

Byne's Blueberry Farm

Here we have the group where we get the delicious, Georgia-grown blueberries that we put in our pies! From our current summer flavor Blueberry Crumble, to the springtime classic Blueberry Buttermilk Byne' Blueberry Farm has been the group we have been working with since Pie Bar first opened up! Not only just for our whole pies, but we also use their blueberries in our pie fillings, as well as our pie jams! Just like with Pearson, we are beyond excited to be with Byne's Blueberry Farm! 

Alma Coffee

I would like to take a moment to also highlight a partner whose product pairs wonderfully with the pies, that being Alma Coffee! This amazing group has been growing some of the greatest coffee beans for 5 generations! They did us quite the honor by making us our very own Pie Bar Blend, which paired with flavors like our Bourbon chocolate pecan is simply out of this world! They even make our espresso that we serve in Marietta, so you can enjoy a cup whether you are getting classic ole drip coffee or going all out with a latte. That wonderful Alma quality is always gonna be there!

And the list truly goes on for all of the outstanding local businesses that we work alongside, to which everyone here at Pie Bar wants to thank you all for working so hard to make such amazing product! We at Pie Bar want to make this Pie Bar Day a time to really celebrate local business. We are dedicated and excited to keep working with our local partners! We also are beyond excited to serve you all this Pie Bar Day, we are determined to make this the best Pie Bar day yet! So from everyone here at Pie Bar: 

Happy Pie Bar Day!!

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