Pie Bar Build Out: An Update

Pie Bar Build Out: An Update

Want to hear a construction joke?   --- Sorry, I'm still working on it.   L.O.L.

Anywayyyy...Progress can be a relative term. For some people, taking one step forward is counted as a victory and filed away as progress. For others, they don't consider progress being made until a significant change has happened. Over the past two weeks, it has come quite apparent which category Cody falls under. Hint: Construction is ahead of schedule. We're really nailing it. 

Although Hank is our lead contractor, Cody has taken on the role of general foreman, and has been knocking out walls, building bars, and putting up drywall like a boss. 

 Walls going up..

Bars being built..

This guy is constantly hounding us for pie..

Work, minion, WORK!

Clearly, Cody has done nothing.


I joke, I joke. Cody has been working hard and is quite impressive with a table saw. We are still estimating that our Grand Opening will be the last week of August or the first week of September. Until then, come see us at events around town (see our calendar here) and make sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive 10% off at our Grand Opening. 

Alright, yall know the drill --Until next time, pie people. BYYEEE.

p.s. please note my mass amounts of construction puns. It was a lot of hard work to hammer out so many different jokes.

ok, now I'm done. Time to bolt.                  

(commence eye rolling).

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