Pi Day (3.14) at Pie Bar!

Pi Day (3.14) at Pie Bar!

By Antonio Hunt

That is right folks it is that time of the year! Pi Day is officially on its way! Every year on March 14th we celebrate the famous math constant with, well, lots of SWEET pie!

Every year we get the ovens ready for all kinds of baking, but this year we have got something special planned. And that is why I am here today, to give you all the details you need to know about what it is when it will be, and of course how to make sure you don't miss a thing!

And The Flavor Is...

 Cookie and cream whole pie

Drumroll, please! "Drumroll intensifies"... COOKIES & CREAM! That is right folks a completely new pie has joined the fold and let me tell you, this is a goodie! This pie is the perfect pie for Oreo lovers, which if you are like me basically means this pie is straight out of heaven! With its whipped cream cheese filling that has Oreo pieces within it, its whipped cream top that has a chocolate swirl, and even more Oreo pieces within its crust my friends I am practically dreaming of this pie! With this being made specifically for PI Day, so you will get to be a part of Pie Bar history by enjoying it! This pie will likely go quickly but if you want to get your foot in the door, here is a handy dandy link you can follow to call dibs on your Whole Pies or Slices! 

 You can also reserve any flavors available for that day right here. 

How can I join the fun?!

 Cookie and cream slice

Consider this your formal invitation. We hope you will save the date and that we will see you at either our Woodstock or Marietta shops!

Our team is prepping for Pi Day as you're likely reading this to make it the best one yet. Whether it'll be your first visit, or your 81518597th visit, we're grateful for you and we can't wait to serve you this Pi Day on Tuesday, March 14th from 11am - 7pm! See you soon!

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