People Behind the Pie: Susanna Stutler

People Behind the Pie: Susanna Stutler

By: Abby Adams, Pie Bar Marietta

Hi y’all! My name is Abby and I'm a team member at Pie Bar Marietta! Today I will be interviewing a Front of House member at Marietta, Susanna Stutler. She’s our wonderful Advanced Team Member here in Marietta and I would like to show you all how fun of a person she is!

Peek a moment into Pie Bar and you’ll experience her outgoing personality and amazing work ethic!

A: What encouraged you to join the Pie Bar Team?

S: I was just coming back home after spending a year in NYC, and was looking for a job I would enjoy. I’ve always loved baking so I looked up nearby bakeries that were hiring. After meeting Lauren and the Marietta team I knew that it would be the right fit.

A: What do you do in your free time?

S: I like to write, paint. I also love spending time outside, like hiking in North Georgia. And of course, binge watching my favorite TV shows.

A: What is your current favorite TV show?

S: Oof, that’s hard. Probably Succession or Killing Eve.

A: What is your dream career?

S: In my ideal life, it would probably be owning a small independent bookstore. But more realistically, I’m planning on going back to school for social work.

A: What is your favorite Pie Bar pie?

S: Easy, it’s got to be Brown Sugar Chess. 

A: If you had to create your own pie flavor to offer at Pie Bar, what would it be?

S: Pina Colada pie or Mexican Hot Chocolate. I would also love a pie with a floral almond flavor like Angel Food cake.

A: What is your favorite fun fact to tell people about yourself?

S: I’ve met Laverne Cox from Orange is the New Black and she told me my purse was cute!

A: That’s so cool! How long have you been with Pie Bar?

S: Since September of 2021.

A: What is your favorite Pie Bar memory so far?

S: Working the last day of pickups before Christmas. It was hectic because of the volume of pies people were picking up from Marietta, but it had the same feeling as the last day of school before winter break. Despite the chaos, we all had fun together.

Thank you Susanna! Stop by Marietta one day to meet her and strike up a conversation! P.S. - She loves podcasts!!

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