People Behind the Pie: Selena Smith

People Behind the Pie: Selena Smith

On a breezy September afternoon, on the hip streets of Marietta, team member Emily Haynes sits down to interview Selena Smith, an invaluable member of the Pie Bar Team. 

Emily Haynes: Hello Selena and thank you for joining me in my very fancy interviewing studio today. Would you please state your name and position with the Pie Bar Team?

Selena Smith: Alright! I am Selena Smith and I am a front of house staff member, primarily working in the Marietta location.

EH: Amazing! And how long have you been with Pie Bar?
SS: Gosh, I think it’s been like three months now I wanna say?
EH: Three excellent months of saving our lives.

EH:When you’re not selling, slicing, and kicking butt in the pie industry, what do you do?
SS: School, mostly school *laughs*. I’m trying to learn some new hobbies though, like I’ve been painting a little bit, trying to branch out. 
EH: Painting, that’s awesome! What do you like to paint?
SS: I usually like to follow along with acrylic painting tutorials online, you know?
EH: Oh yes, I am intimately familiar with such tutorials and can get super down with some acrylic paint. 

EH: What year are you in school?
SS: Well, I did the dual enrollment program at KSU in high school and I enrolled there after I graduated this spring, so technically I guess you could say I’m a freshman? But this is my third year of classes on campus. 
EH: Yes! We stan the dual enrolment program! What are you studying at Kennesaw?
SS: I am currently studying psychology

EH: Ooh that’s going to come in handy. Have you taken any crazy classes yet?
SS: I feel like I haven’t really taken any crazy classes yet. The most interesting one so far was lifespan developmental psychology, for sure. But I am looking forward to taking abnormal psychology in a few semesters.
EH: Man oh man, that’s gonna be a great time.
SS: I think so *laughs*

EH: In a perfect world, what would you like to do with your degree?
SS: I don’t even know. There’s just so much to do with a psychology degree. I guess I would like to do research, that would be my ideal job I guess. 
EH: Research is way cool, I hope that happens in every capacity for you.
SS: Me too!

EH: How would you spend your perfect day?
SS: I would spend my perfect day hanging out with my best friend. Chatting, doing whatever, mostly not stressing about school *laughs*

EH: Amen to that! What is your favorite pie at the shop?
SS: The key lime, which is weird because I’m not usually a key lime person, but this key lime is just so good.
EH: I totally get that! I‘m the same way with the coconut cream pie, something about the shop just does it to you.

EH: What are you most looking forward to in your next three months at Pie Bar?
SS: I’m looking forward to interacting with more customers. We have a lot of super nice people who come in and there’s so much potential for great conversations with them.

EH: What is something most people wouldn’t know or wouldn’t guess about you?
SS: I don’t know. I mean I wouldn’t say I’m an open book but I feel like most people know the important things about me. 

EH: Well one extremely important thing I don’t know about you is: are you a cat person or a dog person?
SS:  Well, I have three cats so…
EH: God bless America.

That’s all the time we have for right now folks, a huge thanks to Selena Smith for taking the time to sit down with me.

SS: Thank you for having me!

EH: And now we are off and away again to get back to serving pie for our fabulous Marietta community. We hope to see you all in the store soon!

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