People Behind the Pie: Sarah J!

People Behind the Pie: Sarah J!

Pie Bar Superlative: Most likely to cut a boss slice of pie.

Meet Sarah Beth Jarrett. Born and raised in the sleepy southern town of Monroe, Georgia, she decided to head north, above the gnat line, at the young age of 18. She enrolled at Kennesaw State University where she studied Culinary Sustainability and Hospitality. Why a Georgia Peach like her needs formal training in hospitality, I’ll never know. 😉

Sarah joined the Pie Bar team in early 2017 as a Front of House Staffer. She quickly stood out as a leader with a passion for people, so after graduation, she came on full-time as our Front of House Manager.

I wanted to walk the walk with Sarah and see what a day in the life for her looks like, so I decided to trail behind her and pepper her with incessant questions in an effort to broadcast her answers here. Below is the transcript from our conversation.

LB: Why did you decide to move to the Woodstock area?
SJ: I moved to Kennesaw to attend KSU right after high school. I loved how beautiful the campus is.  After I graduated from KSU, I decided to stay at Pie Bar and in the area full-time.

LB: Why did you decide to work with food?
SJ: I love working with and for people. By that I mean I enjoy spending time around others that share my same passion for food, as well as serving others through good food and community. I love eating good food and I love making good food, so it felt like a natural fit.

LB: What is your favorite food to make at home?
SJ: Tacos. Tacos, Tacos, Tacos.
LB: So not tacos?
SJ: Exactly

LB: What food would you choose if you were on death row and it was your final meal?
SJ: A BBQ sandwich, JD’s BBQ coleslaw and homemade PB Balls.
LB: PB balls..those sound…delicious?
LB: Sure..

LB: What is your favorite Pie Bar pie?
SJ:  Key Lime Pie with no whip.
LB: Ahh, a purist are you?
SJ: I will also eat it with whip.
LB: (laughing)
SJ: (laughing)
LB/SJ: Awkward silence.

LB: Why did you choose Pie Bar to kick off your long journey into adulthood?
SJ: My friend Sarah Scott (who also works here..her in-depth profile coming soon!) was an intern here and she always talked about how much she enjoyed her experience here. So one day, she told me Pie Bar was hiring for a part-time position, and I applied! After being hired and working here, I knew I wanted to stay on full-time after graduating from KSU. I don’t dread coming to work. Working here is fun.

LB: What is an interesting fact about you?
SJ: I have a twin! Her name is Jessica and we like to tell people we have a brother named Parker, even though our brother's name is actually Andrew. We tell everyone my Mom was a huge Sex in the City Fan.
LB: WAIT…you don’t have a brother named Parker?!
SJ: Next question, please.

LB: What is your favorite shop or restaurant in Downtown Woodstock?
SJ: Canyon’s
LB: #Canyonsforlyfe

LB: What is a funny anecdote about yourself that you are willing to share?
SJ: I eat my hamburgers one layer at a time.
LB: And Canyons hasn’t kicked you out yet?
SJ: They would never dream of such. Canyons accepts me for who I am.
LB: #Canyonsforlyfe

A huge thank you to Sarah J. for allowing me to annoy her while she was trying to work.

We love our staff and we are so proud to call her a Pie Bar Team Member.

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