People Behind the Pie: Sam Mathew

People Behind the Pie: Sam Mathew

By: Gabrielle, Pie Bar Marietta

Gabrielle: Why did you want to work at Pie Bar?
Sam: “Well so before working at Pie Bar, I was a software engineer, and it was sooo boring. Like I got a college degree in computer science, I knew it was something I was interested in but after a year of working there I needed something different. I decided I wanted to find something I was more passionate about, and I googled baking jobs near me, and Pie Bar was literally the first one to pop up. I was like oh I like pie let me sign up for it. Within the first month of working at the kitchen I loved it. I loved this job every day.

After months of working at Pie Bar, I started to think like man, why am I working at this other job that I feel so unhappy at while I have this part time job that I love and I actually see myself working forward in. Pie Bar brings me happiness, and I can wake up early in the morning every day and do while this other job I'm just sitting here barely wanting to get out of bed thinking about that job. It was really like following what I want to do, which is baking food.

So in March of 2022 I quit my full time job, and committed to Pie Bar full time. I really feel as if here as a company, not only is the leadership so great, and they really want me to grow and to teach me things, but it really does feel like this culture of Pie Bar is trying to contribute to the community which is exactly what I want to do. I’m also learning a lot about small business and local business, which is an end goal of my own one day. Pie Bar provides me with not only internal fulfillment, but also teaches me so much about business. I have no regrets, this is a great company.” 

Gabrielle: What is your favorite Pixar movie? 
Sam: “Bruh, Monsters Inc. Anytime I see Sully or Boo together, it's like a father daughter relationship. Like when it looked like Boo went down the trash shoot, and then Sully thought she was being crushed, he reacted like he was her father. There are so many sweet heartfelt moments. It is such a good movie, it's like my top one. I think it's a part of me that wants to have kids someday. I think seeing that relationship makes it my favorite movie. It’s such a cool concept. Like we always were here as a kid ooo there's monsters under the bed and someone made a cool concept out of it.” 

Gabrielle: If you could anywhere in the world where would you live and with who are what item. 
Sam: “Oooo this is a good one, if I could live anywhere honestly I don’t know if we have a specific place in general, but I know that I would love a good bit of land around nature, but still close enough to society. I wouldn’t want to live in the middle of nowhere. Like a drive down to a city or small town or whatever. I would love to have my own farm someday. When I get to old age I want to be around things that give me peace. Also it has to be cold. Also I would bring my dog Timmy. I would have to have some sort of animal you know.” 

Gabrielle: Who would you have lunch with, living or death?
Sam: “Bruh, I think one of the tops would be buddha. I feel like if he came back to life he would be like but I escaped the cycle of life and death why am I back here. However I would just ask him questions like how he got to where he got, what he thinks about life and ask him a whole bunch of questions. That would be fire.” 

Gabrielle: I know you just recently moved into your own place with your friends! Was moving out a big deal to you?
Sam: "I wouldn’t say it was a huge deal, uh like OMG this is a big thing, but more like a growth as a person you know what i’m saying. Like now I have my own place and my own things and now I'm also growing as a Shop Manager at our Pie Bar Marietta location, it's like a combination of this next big step. Sam Mathew's journey in life. So like it was a big deal, but I'm just chilling, I’m doing what I need to do. This is the beginning of my life, you know.” 

Gabrielle: What is the future end goal?
Sam: End goal man, for me is to own my own business, open it up. I don't really know exactly what it's going to be but like that would be the end goal. If I can provide a service to people, a product to people, help people become happy in some way. I think a business is the best way to do that: to put yourself into it, because it's something you grew from the ground up. It's not only fulfilling the journey, but also providing a result. Like that grind I have at Pie Bar lights that fire, because hard work and dedication is important. It’s something I'm willing to do to provide for people. I want to provide a service I'm willing to do to be able to provide for people that I like and I'm interested in.”

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