People Behind the Pie: Sam Laegen

People Behind the Pie: Sam Laegen

Sam with his (insanely adorable) niece

People Behind the Pie: Sam Laegen

Sam is a very special member of our team, because not only does he work at our Commissary Kitchen and bake Pie Bar Pies, he also works as a Front of House Staffer at Pie Bar Marietta! He is always making the people around him laugh, is full of lots (and lots and lots) of energy, and truly embodies our core value: passionate positivity. 

Selena Smith: How long have you been working here?
Sam Laegen: Since January of this year (2020).

SS: What is your position with the Pie Bar?
SL: Oh gosh, that’s a complicated question because I’m technically a bake, but I also work front of house, so a little bit of everything!

SS:  Which do you like better, baking the pies or working up front?
SL: I like both equally because I get to interact with guests and people in our community when I am working Front of House, but I also like baking because it gives me more of a chance to be expressive and more hands on.

SS: What do you do in you spare time?
SL: Swimming, reading, and hanging out with my cat. 

SS: Are you in college?
SL: I just graduated from college this past spring! 
SS: What did you graduate with?
SL: I graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Culinary Sustainability & Hospitality from Kennesaw State University.
SS: That's so cool!

SS: What is your favorite flavor at Pie Bar?
SL: It's gotta be the Blueberry Crumble, that pie is just on another level! It's a flavor that we offer seasonally in the summer time.

SS: What’s your favorite pie to bake?
SL: My favorite pie to prepare would probably be the Coconut Cream, because it requires a good bit of technicality. 

SS: Where do you see yourself in five years?
SL: Five years from now I see myself helping run a new location of Pie Bar, or being in the process of opening my own small business!

SS: If you had your own business, what type of place do you want to open up?
SL: I actually want to open up a taco joint, one that strictly serves only tacos.
SS: That sounds so good!! I'm sure it would be amazing. 

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